#WhyWantedly Features: Our Newest Batch Of Interns

This Week, #WhyWantedly Features Our Newest Batch Of Interns!

What is #WhyWantedly?

As part of the #WhyWantedly series, the hashtag represents our team's reasons for working at Wantedly and our motivations, be it company culture, environment, people and more.

This #WhyWantedly story is an #InternEdition, where we feature our current batch of interns to share more about their experience at Wantedly so far. Let’s hear more from Ferman and Sayaka.

Meet Ferman, our Marketing Intern!

Hello, I'm Ferman, and I'm all about embracing creativity. Whether capturing the world through my Polaroid lens, cycling through scenic routes, or exploring nature on foot with walks and hikes, I have a special place in my heart for HDB cats.

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Ferman’s #WhyWantedly:

Firstly, the interview wasn't just an interview but a genuine conversation. The company's culture stood out as amazing; everyone is open to criticism and open-minded. This environment allows me to utilize and enhance my creative skills. What's more, the team here is incredibly welcoming and supportive. It's not just a workplace; it's a community that values growth and collaboration.

Meet Sayaka, our International Business Intern!

Hello, I'm Sayaka from Japan:) I'm a final-year law student at Waseda University and working as an International Business Intern at Wantedly Singapore.

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Sayaka’s #WhyWantedly:

As a university student, I’ve used Wantedly in Japan for a long time! By using this, I was amazed because this platform is very groundbreaking! I could communicate with people in the companies by just clicking “I’m interested” and learn more about their vision, mission, and culture! At the same time, I felt it would be interesting to be involved in the operation of this service.
Before working here, I talked with Andrew (Country Manager) both virtually and face to face. What made me so surprised was he was very friendly! I was initially nervous, but he listened well to my experience with Wantedly and gave me some ideas of what I could try through this internship. After that, I felt so excited to work with this team!👩‍💻

See you soon

And that's a wrap from our phenomenal intern squad! We trust you've gained valuable insights into Wantedly, our purpose, and our vibrant work environment. Until our next story, catch you on the flip side! 👋

Cheers, The Energetic Interns of Wantedly 😄

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