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#WantedlyVisits is back! After our last volunteer session at Dignity Kitchen, we reconvened for a new and exciting volunteering experience. This time, we gathered at the Hope Centre to celebrate "Racial Harmony Day" with a delightful mini carnival filled with nostalgic Singaporean old-school games. From chapteh kicking to country eraser wars and guessing games, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and camaraderie. Prizes like smartwatches and old-school snacks added to the excitement of the day.

The event brought together people of all ages, from youngsters to the elderly, united in the spirit of community and fun.

More about Hope Centre

Hope Centre is a non-profit welfare organisation that serves the community with a strong commitment to embracing diversity, regardless of race, culture, language, or religion. The centre's mission is to foster a sense of unity and create a nurturing environment for people from all walks of life.

Here’s what went on

The event began with participants engaging in various traditional Singaporean games, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. One of the games was "Chapteh," where teams competed to kick the chapteh and land it on the target on the floor. Each successful hit on the bullseye earned 50 points, while other landing spots scored 40, 30, 20, or 10 points. Teams had to reach a total of 100 points to emerge victorious.

Another exciting game was the "Country Eraser War," where participants flipped their opponent's country eraser to claim victory. The challenge brought out the competitive spirit in everyone, making for an exhilarating experience.

Next on the list was "Ring Toss," a game akin to tic-tac-toe to achieve a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal win. The game's simplicity made it enjoyable for players of all ages.

One of the event's highlights was "Guess What's Inside The Box." Participants had to identify different culturally significant foods concealed within boxes. This game not only provided entertainment but also fostered cultural appreciation and understanding.

After the exciting games, participants gathered for a fun-filled bingo session. The chance to win prizes like smartwatches and old-school snacks such as iced gem and fish biscuits added even more anticipation towards the conclusion of the event.

A day well-spent

The "Racial Harmony Day" mini carnival at the Hope Centre was an overwhelming success. The inclusive event united people from different generations, breaking barriers and building bridges between the young and the elderly. The spirit of unity and cultural appreciation was palpable throughout the day, leaving a heartwarming and lasting impression on all who attended. This gathering of diverse individuals joining hands and sharing laughter exemplified the essence of community and the Hope Centre's mission of embracing diversity for a brighter future.

Looking back …

The "Racial Harmony Day" mini carnival at the Hope Centre profoundly impacted all who participated. The event showcased the power of unity and inclusivity, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. Witnessing the genuine connections formed and the cultural exchanges that took place was truly inspiring. It served as a reminder of the strength of diversity and the importance of fostering a harmonious community. As participants left with smiles and hearts full of newfound friendships, they carried a sense of belonging and a commitment to embracing diversity daily. The event was a beautiful celebration of togetherness, leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved.

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