What's Up Wantedly #6 - Is it OK to be friendly with a manager?

In the age where employees and employers connect on various social media platforms (a space initially only meant for private friends), the lines between boss and friend have become increasingly blurry. When you spend more time with your team than your own family, it is not surprising when you naturally form bonds.

How should the boundary be established between work and leisure, and is it appropriate for managers to socialise with employees after work hours? Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of mingling with colleagues outside the workplace.

What are the pros of supervisors being friends with their employees?
1. You'll get to know your team members better
Getting together with your employees in a small group can give you a deeper insight into their personalities and work-related matters than what you might learn from daily interactions. Plus, you can offer more direct support if your employees need assistance.

2. You can foster increased mutual respect and empathy
A friendship between a supervisor and employee can enhance understanding of work-related decisions and evaluate how they find the work culture.

3. It increases employee engagement
Having friends as coworkers can enhance work enjoyment, employee engagement, and effort. Employees feel a sense of belonging and the desire to contribute to the success of their workplace, leading to a more positive problem-solving experience and eagerness to attend work.

What are the cons of supervisors being friends with their employees?
1. Problems in your personal relationship may affect the work environment
It's common for conflicts to occur in friendships. Issues in personal relationships can affect the work atmosphere, causing obstacles to productivity. To avoid this, employees and supervisors should mutually agree to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

2. May cause resentment among other employees
To prevent this, the supervisor should maintain cordial relationships with all staff members, irrespective of personal connections. Employees can also minimise this risk by expecting fair and equal treatment from their manager, as given to others.

Ultimately, it's up to each supervisor and employee to decide whether or not to pursue a friendship outside of work and to do so responsibly and professionally.

It's a delicate balancing act, but managers need to learn and maintain to lead effectively.

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