What's Up Wantedly #4 - Are you a good communicator?

Communication takes work, and it can be difficult for both sides of the conversation to improve.

People will often avoid confrontation where possible. Most of us want a harmonious co-existence with co-workers and friends alike – but it doesn’t always pan out. Consider this: you probably spend more time guessing the intent behind the poor communication than finding ways to improve it.

"What's that supposed to mean anyway?"

"Why wasn't I aware of this before?"

Sound familiar? 🤔

Effective employee communication is an integral part of the success of any organisation. It drives productivity and relationships and mitigates conflicts.

The good news is that when there’s a lapse, it provides avenues for learning. Fix these communication mistakes, stat:

Nothing affects a team more than poor communication. Avoid the communication mistakes we’ve listed, and you’ll go a long way to improve your team’s engagement and productivity ✌️

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