#WhyWantedly Features: Interns from the Singapore Team!

This Week, #WhyWantedly Features the Interns from the Singapore Team!

What is #WhyWantedly?

As part of the #WhyWantedly series, the hashtag represents our team's reasons for working at Wantedly and our motivations, be it company culture, environment, people and more.

This #WhyWantedly story is an #InternEdition, where we feature our current batch of interns to share more about their experience at Wantedly so far. Let’s hear more from Julian, Hui Yi, Natasha, Vanessa, Yumin and Zong Yi!

Meet Julian, our Client Success Intern!

Helloo, I am Julian! A final year student in Temasek Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Business and currently a Client Success Intern at Wantedly! Fun fact: I LOVE coffee and make my own coffee at home! #homebarista ☕️

Describe Wantedly in one word:

✨ Worthwhile!

Julian’s #WhyWantedly:

I would describe Wantedly as a sandbox - simply because there is lots of room for testing, learning and playing!
One thing I love about Wantedly is the culture. Everyone is supportive of one another and are always willing to help! There is never a dull day at Wantedly and I always look forward to coming in to office every day :)
I am grateful to be apart of many projects and be given numerous hands-on tasks that enhanced my internship experience. It's rare to find such an opportunity and meet such wonderful people!
There’s no need to be shy here at Wantedly because, as Kelly says, “there is no such thing as a stupid question".

Meet Hui Yi, our Marketing Intern!

Hi there, I’m Hui Yi! A Penultimate Accounting Student with a second major in Accounting Data and Analytics from Singapore Management University, and currently, a marketing intern at Wantedly!

Describe Wantedly in one word:

Ikigai 🧩

Hui Yi’s #WhyWantedly:

Wantedly's mission to "Create a World where Work Drives Passion" instantly caught my attention as it deeply resonates with my ambition to make a meaningful impact through my work.
Since joining Wantedly, I've been warmly welcomed by a friendly and supportive team. The amazing culture and genuine relationships here have made my journey a truly exceptional one thus far! I look forward to collaborating and fostering a dynamic synergy that drives Wantedly and our individual growth to unparalleled heights!

Meet Natasha, our Marketing Intern!

Hi, my name is Natasha! I am currently a year three undergraduate at RMIT University studying marketing! I live by the saying, "keep on discovering new endless opportunities" as the world is your oyster, there are endless possibilities. The only limit is yourself.

Describe Wantedly in one word:

Nurturing 🌱

Natasha’s #WhyWantedly:

They recruit people who hold the same values and aligned purpose, with the same want to champion what Wantedly advocates for.
Wantedly takes an interest in who you are as a person, rather than evaluating you only based on your resume; for instance, the interviews are casual chats rather than a formal ones, taking the time to know you.
During my experience, the work culture has been encouraging and nurturing, as they provide me space to learn and innovate ideas.

Meet Vanessa, our Client Success Intern!

Hey everyone, I’m Vanessa 👋! I’m a Year 3 communications major! I love learning and doing something new everyday 🫢 (from trying new food options 🍲 to exploring a new board game 🎲).

Describe Wantedly in one word:

Innovative 🤯

Vanessa’s #WhyWantedly:

Shocked by an unconventional interview style (just a simple chat) and a visit to Wantedly’s office, I entered Wantedly without much expectation. Everyone on the team warmly welcomed me, and I was grateful for how progressive Wantedly’s workplace environment is. I always enjoy office lunch chats and our weekly “diary” readings.
Soon enough, I got to understand my role as a CS intern. I began to admire that side of the company, where our role is to facilitate, to let people pursue their dreams and passions. Whilst I have much to learn and explore, given the space and limited red tape in Wantedly, I will never regret pursuing this internship at Wantedly.
I look forward to learning and growing with everyone else 🌱!!

Meet Yumin, our Sales Intern!

Hi, I'm Yumi. I'm currently a master's student at SMU and working as a sales intern at Wantedly. I am passionate about everything peculiar and have been self-studying physiognomy and feng shui. I'm very interested in these subjects, although I'm still learning.

Describe Wantedly in one word:


Yumin’s #WhyWantedly:

Finding a job is like choosing a life partner. It requires a mission alignment for the spark of "love" to ignite.
Chapter 1: Encountering Wantedly I came to know about Wantedly through a recommendation from a friend. He recommended it because this company treats its employees very well, which sparked my interest.
Chapter 2: Getting to Know Wantedly I started investing time in exploring company profiles on the Wantedly platform. Then, I searched for all the interview videos and articles about the founder, Akiko Naka, and Wantedly.
Chapter 3: “Falling in Love” with Wantedly
I was captivated when Akiko Naka talked about Wantedly's mission to create a world where work drives passion. It was something I had always wanted to do: to help more Chinese professionals find their dream jobs. After securing interview opportunities with Alex (our Senior Business Development Manager) and Andrew (our Country Manager), I discovered during the interview process that both managers respected the interviewees' ideas and appreciated their efforts. This reinforced my belief that Wantedly's internal corporate culture is not just lip service.
I am excited now that I have officially become a part of Wantedly. I hope that in the coming days, we can mutually achieve success and work towards fulfilling our mission.

Meet Zong Yi, our Business Operations and Development Intern!

Heyya, Zong Yi here! I’m a sophomore in NUS and I’m currently a Business Operations and Development Intern at Wantedly.

Describe Wantedly in one word:

Maverick ⚡︎

Zong Yi’s #WhyWantedly:

While reading up on Wantedly before coming onboard as an intern, I found out that the birth of Wantedly was game-changing and it revolutionised Japan’s job searching market. The courage and resilience of our founder to actualise her dreams are the values I aspire to instil during my time at Wantedly.
Being in an environment that supports growth is just as important as having a mindset to growth. My leaders and colleagues at Wantedly have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and communicable from day 1! This is something I am immensely grateful for :”)

See you soon

And that's a wrap from our phenomenal intern squad! We trust you've gained valuable insights into Wantedly, our purpose, and our vibrant work environment. Until our next story, catch you on the flip side! 👋

Cheers, The Energetic Interns of Wantedly 😄

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