What's Up Wantedly #2 - Why does a happy work culture matter?

Building a positive mental health culture in the workplace is one of the most crucial (and, might we add, impactful) steps a company can take - with benefits for its people and future success.

We live in an era where employee turnover is a concern for employers. For the modern workforce, it's common for employees to spend one to two years working at a company before seeking another opportunity that offers a better workplace culture.

Today's employees look for far more than a paycheck, with more emphasis on prioritising well-being. Nothing nurtures employee well-being more than a workplace culture that values mental health. People are excited to come to work when an organisation has a good company culture.

Happy people aren't just more pleasant to work with. According to Oxford University, this also means they're 13% more productive than their grumpy counterparts. That's not all. They also become the best brand ambassadors because they exude the joy of working for your business.

Let’s prioritise promoting the mental health of our team members and offering them adequate support in time to come. While we still have more work to do to make mental well-being a part of the conversation in the workplace, we are making significant progress.

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