Wanted(ly) Reset #1 - Stop procrastinating on your resume

When it comes to your career, sometimes we need all the advice we can get. And that’s why we started Wanted(ly) Reset. From taking steps forward and bringing you the best tips to get you ahead to sharing reminders to take it slow and enjoy life even in this busy, fast-paced world, use this newsletter for whatever stage you’re in your career.

To start this chapter, let's acknowledge that everyone judges a book by its cover. And for your professional journey, that is your resume. Since this can be the first thing your future employer sees, we must ensure you present yourself well.

You don’t need a Wantedly profile to use these tips. They’re handy for any type of platform, even making your dating profile stand out (psst, we’ve got you covered 😌).

📢 Before you go, check out these resources:

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