My Summer Internship Experience

Hello! I’m Vanessa Tan, a Business Development Intern at Wantedly. My experience here has been nothing short of fulfilling throughout the past four months of my internship. I picked up many valuable skills and gained great insights working with the incredible team. This is truly an experience I cherish and will never forget!

I am a Year 2 Engineering undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University. To gain some insights and experience in the business industry that I’ve always been interested in, I decided to pursue an internship here at Wantedly. Although I major in a different field, Wantedly has given me the opportunity as a Business Development Intern to experience and gain knowledge in the business field. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity that has allowed me to explore my interests, meet like-minded individuals and form genuine connections with the team. Here are my top 3 takeaways:

#1 Wantedly is an inclusive working environment

As a Year 1 Summer Intern with no prior experience in the HR field, I entered Wantedly uncertain if I would be able to fill the shoes of a Business Development Intern. However, my worries were cleared once I met the team. Everyone was super helpful whenever I had queries about tasks handed to me! With many activities organised throughout my internship, the team bonded quickly, which made us all work well to churn out smooth deliverables.

#2 Don’t be afraid to try things beyond your job scope

I entered Wantedly as a Business Development Intern, where I helped out with boosting sales and connecting clients to our company. However, as I was also interested in marketing, I reached out to the marketing department to learn and try marketing. Everyone works closely together so it was easy to coordinate my work from both departments. I understood more about marketing from an HR firm’s perspective, which was a valuable experience. In essence, explore your interests while you can!

#3 Form bonds with your team

It may seem intimidating at first to step into a workplace with colleagues older and more experienced than you are. However, Wantedly is genuinely like a family! Everyone is here to help one another grow, to learn, brainstorm, and work together as a team towards a similar goal. Besides work, team dinners and occasional outings elevate the entire experience. Wantedly certainly doesn’t compromise on work-life balance!

Goodbyes are always hard. The memories and bonds I’ve forged here are truly priceless. This summer internship has taught me so much. It gave me a broader perspective on the modern workforce and made me figure out my passion and interests. Beyond that, the colleagues I made that I now call friends were a massive part of my lovely experience here. We had so much fun working, talking, and hanging out together!

To end my internship here at Wantedly, I would especially like to thank Andrew, my business development colleagues, and the marketing team for always supporting everything I want to try out. My internship experience would not have been the same without any one of you <3

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