#WhyWantedly features: Alex, Erika, Christine & Oliver

This week, #WhyWantedly features Alex, Erika, Christine & Oliver from the Singapore Team!

What is #WhyWantedly?

This hashtag represents our team's personal reasons for working at Wantedly; Our motivations for staying could include company culture, environment, people and more. Through this series of #WhyWantedly stories, our team shares about their working experience, hopefully providing readers a glimpse into what it’s like working at Wantedly.

There have also been new additions to our Wantedly family, so meet the current team!

Meet Alex, our Senior Business Development Manager.

Hi, I am Alex! I recently took up jogging as a hobby!!!

Describe Wantedly in one word:


Alex's #WhyWantedly:

Wantedly is a place where we Create a World Where Work Drives Passion! It connects people with their passion and dreams, and what an honour to be that link for others, being that bridge for people to chase after their passion!

Meet Erika, our International Operations Associate.

Hi, I’m Erika and I love food (especially noodles) 🍜

Describe Wantedly in one word:

Team 💪

Erika's #WhyWantedly:

I’m passionate about making a positive change in the way that individuals and companies view work, and I love working with like-minded and supportive team members.

Meet Christine, our International Client Success/Operations Associate.

I’m Christine and I love making things such as yummy food and handmade soap, and I also have two super cute babies!

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Christine's #WhyWantedly:

The product and culture of Wantedly lends to amazing people working at the company. Everyone is not only passionate and hard working but also very fun to talk with and learn from. I also love how much freedom we have to pursue what we are interested in and build the skills we wish to acquire. Overall, Wantedly has a wonderful vision for the world and many great people who believe in it.

Meet Oliver, our Marketing Intern.

Hi I’m Oliver! I’m from Seattle, WA, and play soccer for my university’s club team.

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Oliver's #WhyWantedly:

At Wantedly I found immediate acceptance and passion towards work. Everybody at the company is so kind and caring, and I’ve quickly found myself feeling comfortable around the whole team. Workplace culture is something that’s extremely important to me, and I couldn’t imagine a better working environment than Wantedly. The office space is modern with generous amenities such as an office gym and infinity pool, and the people are even better!

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