#WhyWantedly features: Bao Ying, Amirah & Vanessa F.

This week, #WhyWantedly features Bao Ying, Amirah & Vanessa F. from the Singapore Team!

What is #WhyWantedly?

This hashtag represents our team's personal reasons for working at Wantedly; Our motivations for staying could include company culture, environment, people and more. Through this series of #WhyWantedly stories, our team shares about their working experience, hopefully providing readers a glimpse into what it’s like working at Wantedly.

There have also been new additions to our Wantedly family, so meet the current team!

Meet Bao Ying, our Marketing Intern.

Hey I am Bao Ying, you can call me Bao. I love drinking coffee anytime of the day! I’m also a passionate foodie and an avid pole dancer! :)

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Bao Ying's #WhyWantedly:

I love Wantedly because my colleagues are awesome and we can talk about anything under the sun. We also work in a cool environment where we get unlimited coffee, kombucha and beer on tap! One of my favourite memories I made with the team is the when we did Wantedly celebrates Pride! My colleagues and I love the idea of celebrating and accepting people for who they are, regardless of their sexual orientation - definitely a plus in this ever-changing society! I do feel that working at Wantedly has fuelled me to be a more positive person - especially with such encouraging and wholesome teammates! I love being here!

Meet Amirah, our Senior Marketing Executive.

Hi, I’m Amirah! I’m a butler to my cats and I review books in my free time.

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Amirah's #WhyWantedly:

I love the culture that our Country Manager has built. It’s working with a group of people that lend a helping hand whenever and knowing that I can comfortably share with my co-workers about my concerns.

Meet Vanessa, our Client Success and Operations Intern.

Hi! I’m Vanessa F. and I’m a Business Development intern for Wantedly for the summer. I love exploring new places and trying new things in my free time.

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Vanessa's #WhyWantedly:

I love Wantedly because of the people and the community. The working environment at Wantedly is so welcoming and inclusive. Every member of the team cares not just about the company, but about each other. Some of my favorite memories from this summer so far include going out to lunch with my coworkers and hanging out with them outside of work. I could not imagine interning anywhere else this summer or working with any other people.

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