#WhyWantedly features: Andrew, Kelly & Jaslyn

#WhyWantedly features Andrew, Kelly & Jaslyn from the Singapore Team!

What is #WhyWantedly?

This hashtag represents our team's personal reasons for working at Wantedly; Our motivations for staying could include company culture, environment, people and more. Through this series of #WhyWantedly stories, our team shares about their working experience, hopefully providing readers with more information about the Wantedly family through our unique perspectives.

There have also been new additions to our Wantedly family, so meet the current team!

Meet Andrew, our Country Manager.

Hey everyone, I’m Andrew and have been at Wantedly since 2019, and one thing to know about me is that I am a lifelong, hardcore, die hard Liverpool FC fan!

Describe Wantedly in one word:


Andrew's #WhyWantedly:

I am passionate about helping people help others, and the reason I joined Wantedly is for it’s mission to create a world where work drives passion! In relation to that, as the saying goes, “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” and I sincerely believe there’s no greater way to help someone than to empower them in their career journey, which is what we do here at Wantedly…and that’s #WhyWantedly.

Meet Kelly, our Client Success Associate.

Hi, I am Kelly! I love finding joy in people's misfortunes 😇

Describe Wantedly in one word:

Passionate 💪

Kelly's #WhyWantedly:

I love that I am surrounded by such passionate, accepting and selfless individuals in Wantedly. I've never met a more dedicated and fun bunch until I've met them.
The Mission "Create a World where Work Drives Passion" perfectly describes Wantedly and I'm proud to be in Team Wantedly! #WhyWantedly

Meet Jaslyn, our Business Development Associate.

Hiiii I’m Jaslyn, I enjoy snacking and playing video games as a hobby, I mean it’s a lifestyle 😎

Describe Wantedly in one word:

Family 🙆🏻‍♀️

Jaslyn's #WhyWantedly:

I loved Wantedly’s culture the moment I joined this company. Our boss (Andrew) has always been passionate in sharing the history of Wantedly and we can feel it in his eyes and energy. Needless to say my colleagues have been so amazing and supportive towards one another. Where can we find this elsewhere?

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