#WantedlyVisits East Coast Park

From packing food items at Food from the Heart to working in the kitchen at Willing Hearts, #WantedlyVisits headed to the beach next to play our part towards a safe and sustainable Singapore.

Armed with tongs and recycled plastic reusable bags, we scoured Area E of East Coast Park to pick up litter. We saw plastic litter everywhere we went - bottle caps, plastic straw wrappers and disposal masks were most commonly found. Can you believe one of us even collected a discarded travel perfume?

But do beach cleanups make a difference? Even if they do not rid our shoreline entirely of trash or plastic waste, cleaning up your local beach has numerous benefits. Other broader impacts include awareness building on how our habits affect Singapore's cleanliness and education as we take responsibility for the environment.

Check out our first YouTube Shorts where our newest interns, Cheryl and Hazel, documented our East Coast Park visit, along with how they spent a very Wantedly Christmas!

Every action we take matters, so seeing other like-minded people help clean up litter from the beach alongside us was heartening.

No 2022 resolution yet? Add beach cleaning to your list! With this resource, you too can play a part in contributing to a clean and green Singapore.

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