2021, the year I grew

2020 has made a rollercoaster out of our lives and our best-laid plans. As we made our resolutions for the new year, we had nothing but hope for a fresh start - more memories, adventures and possibly travel. But, 2021 decided it had other plans. Behind every cloud, there's a silver lining in the form of growth and opportunities. Here, I'm reflecting on five things 2021 has taught me:

#adulting isn’t all bad

Being an adult from a kid’s point of view sounded fun. A worry-free life? Sign me up! Fast forward to my early twenties, and I get shoved into a world of bills and responsibilities I did not see coming. While it’s easy to conclude adulting is the worst, one perk that makes up for all that responsibility is I have the reins to figure out what drives me. What are my interests? What do I want to do with my life?

Take that leap of faith

Choices are never easy, especially when making a big decision like switching a career. Change means uncertainty - will the job work out, or am I right to take that step? At a time where the world is still reeling from a pandemic and jobs are scarce, the thought of leaving my security blanket and transitioning into a new marketing role frightened me. Yet I had an itch to see what was out there. I took that leap of faith, and here I am, happier than ever and learning more than I could ever imagine.

It’s okay if things didn’t work out how you planned

If you're like me, you've planned your future long ago, hoping it turns out how you expect it. Life is wholly uncontrollable, and sometimes (or most of the time), it doesn't go as we've envisioned. At first, disappointment and anger may probably be unbarring, but I've learned to roll with life's punches. Though challenging, it's through those hiccups you'll grow as a person. Whether we like it or not, these unpredicted outcomes have led us to where we are now. You've made it this far, so pat yourself on the back!

Introverts CAN succeed

While it's hard enough for extroverts to survive in the workplace, it can be arguably more difficult for our introverted counterparts. Apart from the flurry of activities, the social aspect of interacting with coworkers and clients can send introverts into a spiral of stress and frustration. Surviving my first job as an introvert is intimidating, but I've found ways to work around my introversion. If you're an introvert yourself, try these tips; go out there and show the world your power!

Learn new things every day

With the entire world just a few mouse clicks away; it's now easier than ever to learn new things every day. Learning doesn't necessarily mean signing up for a six-week course. It could be something as small as picking up a different insight that expands your horizon. Opportunities to learn are everywhere. You just need to be on the lookout for them.

Looking to 2022

“2021 is a year of self-care for me, from mental health to doing the little things to uplift your mood after a week’s worth of zoom meetings, I take every opportunity to grab at these little pleasures in life.” - Mae, Senior Marketing Lead

2021 is a year of courage and resilience for me. It’s also the year that I had to restart. It’s never too late to start over. For as long as you are willing, you can take control of your life and steer it in the direction that you want. I choose the direction of happiness and peace of mind.” - Prema, Customer Success Associate

“2020 was tough, 2021 was even more challenging personally, but I am looking ahead to 2022 with optimism (in spite of the pandemic entering its 3rd year) for us to come together and make an impact towards a better society and better world.” - Andrew, Country Manager

“The year 2021 was all about personal growth for me. I made sure to learn from my experiences - both good and bad and strive to become a better person every day. Despite 2021 feeling like a roller coaster of emotions, I am looking forward to what the year 2022 has to hold.” - Hazel, Business Intern

"2021 has been a year of HOPE! It has been a joy bringing hope in my own way to the people who seek opportunities and companies rebuilding from what's left of 2020!" - Alex, Senior Business Development Manager

"2021 has been a challenging year, but I've also grown through these extraordinary experiences that I'm thankful for. Mental Health Awareness is new to me, and I've learned that if we're kind to one another, the world will be a happier place!" - Jaslyn, Business Development Associate

"The year 2021 was a confusing year for me. It allowed me to spend more time with some of my family members while it caused me to drift from others physically. Most importantly, it taught me to be more grateful for the time I have with my loved ones and the technological advancement over the years because even though we are physically apart, we will always still be connected.” - Cheryl, Business Intern

No one could have predicted the reality that was to come in 2021. Whether your year was smooth sailing or rough seas, one thing remains constant: the growth we've experienced, although it's sometimes hard to see. Everything is part of the journey - every high and low, good and bad. We learn more about who we are, and little by little, that builds us.

Like you, we’re not sure what 2022 will bring either. How bad is the bad stuff going to be? But a lot of joy in life comes from surprise too. From all of us at Wantedly, we are wishing you an even better year ahead and if you’re looking for new career opportunities - create a profile to check out all available jobs (an essential plug)!

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