Wacky Team Bonding Ideas Under $10

Hands up to anybody who has ever had to plan a team bonding session! 🙋‍♀️

Everyone gets excited about team bonding because it is–ahem–an excuse to get away from work without feeling that pang of guilt in the back of your mind. Plus, the whole office is doing it and what better way is there to get to know your colleagues 💁 (They call it team bonding for a reason)

But sometimes, you might be short for time, budget, or you just have no ideas 😖 It’s alright, we all have one of those days. And, that’s why Wantedly is here to help you! Here are a few simple ideas you can do. Most of them will cost you no more than $10!

Stress-B-Gone Group Colouring

Okay, hear me out first. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about team bonding. But if you think about it, not only is it fun to bring your inner childhood out and go back to kindergarten days for a little while. As you colour in the lines you might discover a thing or two about your colleagues 🙊 Elias from Business Development could be a colouring prodigy while Fion from Marketing might just enjoy colouring with wacky colours!

Expensive, you say? Hold up 👋 Check out these 10-metre colouring roll that you can get for only $9.90. You can fit smaller and big size groups into different sections of the roll. Did you know that colouring can lower stress levels too?

On your marks, get set, roll!

Chair racing definitely sounds out of this world. But did you know that there is a chair racing competition in Japan? 🤪

That’s right. Chair racing! If your office happens to have a hallway big enough and lots of office chairs at your disposal, you can set this up in a jiffy!

What you need:

✔ Roller chairs

✔ Teams of three (Or just one!)

✔ Stopwatch (optional)

✔ Whistle (optional)

Here’s how it works:

It’s quite straightforward. You can either set up a number of laps to go through or if you have a long enough hallway, have a marathon. After that, all you need to do is to get ready, get set, and...roll! 🏃🌀

That actually sounds fun, right? Even we want to join in on the race too! Let us know if you’re going take this idea into consideration 🤗

Food coma @ gg.com

Food brings everyone together. A potluck is the most traditional way of gathering that has stood the test of time. You know everyone will come to the table when there’s food on it because food makes us feel good (maybe that’s the reason why they rhyme? 🤔) You can decide whether to do it outdoors or indoors as well! If it’s outdoors–voila, you have a picnic.

Organise a little potluck by simply asking everyone in the office to bring food. As a safety precaution, you can ask everyone if they have allergies or diet preferences. Pro tip: give everyone at least a week’s notice period for preparation. Prepare to be blown away by your colleague’s culinary skills as well as their foodie status! 😏 You might find a new favourite eatery you sampled at the potluck.

As an extra measure, you can also ask everyone to confirm with you on the dish they are bringing and make sure that there’s a good variety on offer. Bought or cooked, it doesn’t matter. As long as in the end everyone can share the food and have a darn good time! 👍

One word. Two syllables. A game of gestures

This one could be a crowd favourite! 👏 It’s not always easy to communicate with your colleagues on a daily basis. So, why not practice it with a little game of charades?

It’s a classic guessing game that involves no words, and a lot of shouting. It is bound to invite belly laughter and ease the stress as you guess that one movie who has a...dark? Father? With the...hyperventilating? mask?! 💫 (Cheat hint: “I am your Father”)

Preparation is simple. You can either prepare your own cards by writing down the words on them or download an app on your phone. You can divide the words into categories to make it a liiittle easier for your colleagues. Make it a competition with teams or even use the whiteboard to turn it into Pictionary!

Let us know if you tried any of these ideas and how it turned out! We wanna know who won, what happened, and how it went! 💕

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