3 Career Resolutions That Don’t Suck

With the turn of a new year comes new year resolutions 🎉

At this point, we all know the drill: The day after Boxing Day, we would start planning and making lofty big goals for the new year. Keep fit, start saving, travel more. Unfortunately, by February most of us would restart the counter in June or 2021. Or worse, never 🙊🙀

Well, it's not always doom and gloom. You just need to set more realistic goals that are within your reach 💁 Get your paper and pen for here are some career resolution ideas that can help you win at work!

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Be honest, how often are you late for work? If being late is one of your bad habits, we say it’s best to break up with it pronto. If you haven’t heard, punctuality is a trait that is highly appreciated by everyone (not just in the working society!) 💯

When you treat your meetings with an I-can't-miss-this attitude, it shows your level of respect for the colleagues or clients you made those plans with. Your punctuality indicates to them that their time is as valuable as yours.

As the old saying goes, “Time waits for no man”. So, you should not have others waiting for you! 🙅

Tip: Try to create a 10-minute window before every scheduled appointment and build it into your getting-ready process every day. Whenever you can, prepare a day in advance for all that you need for the meeting (i.e. reports, papers etc.) This way, you’re less likely to be in a rush.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Another great goal for 2020 is to get out of your comfort zone and start networking.

It’s a no brainer that having a good network opens a variety of doors for your career. Meeting new people, be it inside or outside of your industry, is what keeps you sharp, up-to-date and connected 🤓 Although for introverts, networking can be challenging.

Look at it from this perspective: The concept of networking is as simple as making friends. You shake their hand, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation 💬 No doubt, it is easy to be intimidated at such settings. Just remember that everyone there is in the same boat as you 🚣

Tip: Start with regularly attending events that you are interested in. Next, consider other types of activities that can connect you with more contacts or bolster your current network. While you’re networking, why not find a mentor too? 😏

Telling Creates Resistance. Asking Creates Relationships.

As human beings, we’re naturally curious about everything. On the other hand, asking for feedback at work isn’t exactly high up on our to-do list 😳

Sure, asking for feedback can feel uncomfortable, but you can’t deny that it is an essential part of your career development!

Getting useful feedback can be one of the fastest routes to personal growth and improved work performance. Plus, knowing how your peers perceive you allows you to work on your influence as a leader 🙋🙋‍♂️ Don’t forget; you don’t just work with your boss, so make sure the feedback you are gathering is well rounded.

Tip: When you have accomplished a significant goal, try to get 10 minutes of your superior's/colleague’s time for feedback. You shouldn’t ask for feedback too often, but often enough to address and improve on your weaknesses.

When you make a resolution, stick to it—consider the next fortnight a dry run before the new year kicks in. Think of it this way: No marathon runner ever steps up to the start line in a big race without putting in the training miles 🏃

PS: Woohoo! Next year’s a Leap Year. An extra day to work on those New Year resolutions 🙌

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