3 Immediate Tips to Make Hiring and Retaining Easier

There’re tens of thousands of companies here in Singapore and when it comes to recruitment, the troubles you’re facing are probably low applications and/or high turnover rate. (Why don’t you tell us more?)

While the first issue can be solved with recruitment marketing, how about the latter? And how do you make people feel that "this must be the place" amongst all other companies? Here are some tips that help you retain your employees, or even converting them to be your evangelists!

1. "Limited" resources

Lack of resources is a pain in the neck for a lot of boutique agencies. While you’re trying to grow your business, there’s only so much resource that you can afford.

If you can’t provide the salary increment that employees are asking for, how about compensating it in other possible ways? (which are also beneficial to the productivity of your team!)

Flexible working hours

As reported in Forbes, there are 5 key benefits by implementing this policy and trust me, not a lot of people want to work with a strict schedule nowadays

Remote working

It’s now 2019 and work can be done anywhere. Let’s do the math together: if an employee needs 2 hours for a daily commute, would you rather he or she spent the time working for you instead of wasting the time on a bus?

Thank God It’s Friday! (TGIF)

Let’s be straightforward, who doesn’t love Fridays?

After a week of hard work, everyone would love a break and there’re many ways to do this. It can be an afternoon tea in the office, an hour early off for the team, a beer together after lunch while having the end of week meeting. It’s all up to you and your team to decide!

A peek on how a simple colouring session bonded the Wantedly team.

2. Company Policies

To sum it up in the beginning – do you want to get tasks done or employees coming in the office sharp but feeling not as productive every day?

I reckon most of you will choose the former since after all, doing business means doing one’s job properly, or even more.

Take our Hong Kong team’s client, Movie6, as an example, their employees are not required to show up on time as long as they can finish their tasks. They understand that everyone has their peak productive hours and it would be best for the team to decide when they feel like working. (some of their employees will work till midnight even though they show up late!)

You may think that this example is a bit extreme but you can always come up with your own version, as long as everyone agrees, everyone’s happy.

3. Company Culture

With the major workforce nowadays being the millennials, one of the major things they care about is the company culture. I know this may sound a bit broad and general so let me dissect it for you.

By company culture, it can be represented through different aspects from decorations to the company’s vibe. Imagine your office space as a home, what kind of feelings do you want your team and visitors to have when they step in?

The office doesn’t always have to be huge to look nice, it just depends on how much effort do you spend on decorating it. Involve your team, make it everyone’s home and not just yours.

The vibe works just the same. If your company is transparent and you're spending time to make sure everyone’s happy working with one another, the dynamics and synergy will definitely be shown, just as I myself love coming into work and being together with my team.

All in all, solutions are always out there and you are the one to decide working on it or not. Feeling troubled? Why don’t we grab a coffee and see how Wantedly can help youout?

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