Growing a Small Team the Right Way

Regardless of your position or industry, hiring can be such a chore sometimes.

Although the concept of hiring is pretty straightforward, going through the process is a whole other story. When your team is small, and no one has heard of your startup, it becomes even more of a struggle.

“Shouldn’t hiring be easier?” This golden question is one that numerous hiring managers and employers have always asked over the years (at least to themselves if not to others).

To compete with the big players, you have to find a way to focus on the exciting opportunities and great experience your company can offer to these talents.

Here’s how you can grow your small team the right (and fast) way.

Network, network, network

Networking comes a generation of referrals. Even if you do not have a vacant spot on your team, try to meet each and everyone who came recommended by someone you respect and trust. On the plus side, such referrals are already pre-qualified for you!

It’s crucial to build rapport with people in your ecosystem. Building a talent pipeline as such can push you to think actively about your company’s future hiring needs. It puts you in a better position to fill hard-to-hire roles and more importantly, reduce time to hire.

Let’s be real: In the business world, knowing the right people opens the right doors. If you want your business to flourish, you need to have enough reliable connections to make strategic moves.

Common Denominator

Have you ever worked with someone who didn’t vibe well with the rest of the team?

While it shouldn’t be a compulsory requirement that every employee is a star player and is actively involved in every company activity, the team must be aligned at a certain level to share in that collective culture and purpose.

As your team expands, you’re likely to see common traits and patterns in your team members who are an excellent fit for the company and thrive in their given role. Try to look out for these key traits that make your employees successful as you screen for potential talents.

Hiring a new talent means so much more than adding another headcount to your team. Especially for smaller companies, every move you make can either make or break the dynamics and morale of your organisation.

Don’t confuse Employer Branding with Company Culture

Letting talents know about your workplace culture is a pivotal part of establishing your employer branding. Fortunately, that’s not everything.

Employer brandingis your giant umbrella. It consists of a lot of pointers, from your online reviews, drafting a good job post to an all-encompassing training program. Go ahead and highlight your engaged team members, dog-friendly workplace, ergonomic office chairs but never miss out on the public side of the hiring process.

Try responding to reviews on recruiting platforms/websites and consider these talents’ experience as they move down the hiring funnel. Besides, it always helps to have other people share the story of how great your company is and have your employees be Brand Ambassadors/Advocates for the company.

Time is of Essence

One of the most powerful tools you have in growing your companyis your people. Choose and nurture them wisely.

As Neil Armstrong once said, “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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