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Reboot, Refresh, Recharge 2019 with Wantedly!

At the beginning of every new year, everyone is full of resolutions — to get healthier, to get more exercise, to save more money. But what are your career resolutions?

When you’re unhappy at work, making your 2019 career resolution is pretty straightforward: Get a new job. Or, get a pay raise, snag that upcoming promotion, perhaps even make it through the work week without using profanities (oops!)

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If you need some inspiration and encouragement, we are ringing in 2019 with our latest mini-series, ‘Reboot, Refresh, Recharge’, where we interview successful hires (and even founders!) on Wantedly. We got up close and personal with them where they shared a couple insights from their New Year resolutions, job tips to even words of appreciation to their team (awww) ❤️️

Who knows? You might be next! 😉

Experience more with Hapz

For this week, we had a great catch-up session over pizza with Kendrick, CEO and Co-Founder of Hapz.

Hapz is an end-to-end online ticketing platform that gives you huge savings on tickets to your favourite concerts, musicals, and favourite attractions! (Did we mention they have Big Bang’s autographs all framed up with love? Jealous much?)

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From their Wantedly journey, successful hire, to New Year resolutions, Hapz has had an eventful 2018 with even bigger plans for 2019. Catch a glimpse of the team in our video here.

Kendrick shared that 2019 is going to be a super important year for Hapz and how it’s going to set the foundation for them to grow.

“First thing, we definitely want to scale up the team and hopefully do a bit more hiring with Wantedly. Second thing, I think what we want to do is set ourselves up to be the market leader for the vertical that we’re in, in Singapore. Hopefully, moving into another country as well”, shared Kendrick.

Being experience seekers themselves, Hapz is all about making experiences affordable, curating top quality experiences, and to provide a seamless buying experience. With more than $500,000 in tickets sold on their trusted platform, Hapz is definitely the place to check out when it comes to experiences!

Job hunting this 2019? You’re in luck!

We want to help you land your next job! 🙌

Join us on a journey where you stand a chance to win a cash prize of SGD 500 dollars - our way of saying Thank You for using Wantedly as your preferred job search platform. Don’t worry; you read it right. $500 in cold hard cash.

How does this work?

From 11 January - 10 April 2019, go on a job hunt on Wantedly and apply for the role of your dreams. Once you’ve snagged a job (Congrats!), drop us a mention here so that we can be part of your exciting journey. Now, all you have to do is make it through your probation period, and you’ll be eligible for the contest.

Yes, it’s that simple! 😱 For more T&C deets, check out here.

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If you’re thinking of finding a new job (and, of course, to participate in our contest. Duh.), why not check out Hapz for starters? From tech to business roles, now's the perfect time to hit the ground running and join the dynamic Hapz family.

The start of a new year is a natural time for us all to reflect and think about how to make this year our best one yet.

Stay tuned next week for more where we made a trip down to Payboy and played a match of foosball with the team ️⚽️💪

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