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Job seekers

Wantedly's Guide to Success

First step towards pursuing your passion: increasing your Wanted Score, so companies want to invest in you!


It's not just about finding a job. It's about making connections.

Companies NEED you to function and succeed. Make sure companies know exactly what and how you can enhance their team and product and or service. It's not just about your hard skills anymore, companies place high value in soft skills and your ability to interact with others. Take advantage of filling out your profile (while increasing your Wantedly Score), so you can stand out from other applicants.  Strive to achieve a Wanted Score of at least 50 to impress companies!

Why wait? Jumpstart your job and networking search by getting your Wanted Score on your profile up to 50 now! 

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DISCLAIMER: The point system is a rough estimate of the points accumulated when filling out each section. Take note that there is no limit to the Wanted Score. The points listed are suggested goals to achieve when filling out your Wantedly profile.

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