Unlocking Potential: How Intentional & Purposeful Job Search Transformed Our Hiring

Hatch started with a rebellion against stigmatising labels, believing that one’s past doesn’t define their future. 

As a social enterprise, Hatch collaborates closely with their community to empower and make a meaningful impact on groups lacking social, emotional and financial support. Their passion lies in creating intentional, transformative, and sustainable change. They choose projects that align with their values, surrounded by like-minded individuals who inspire them to be excited and proud of their work.

Wantedly is delighted to have collaborated with Hatch, supporting their initiatives for societal impact and actively advancing their mission to attract like-minded individuals to join their cause! 

Explore their testimonials sharing their experience working with us:

"What aspects of your experience with Wantedly stood out as particularly positive?"

🔹 The Wantedly Team demonstrated an exceptional commitment to understanding our unique needs as an impact-driven organisation. They invested time and care into tailoring their services and offerings to align perfectly with our requirements. Given our resource constraints, their support in bolstering our hiring and employer branding initiatives was nothing short of remarkable. Throughout our engagement, we consistently felt exceptionally supported, with the team standing by our side every step of the way.

"Could you please elaborate on any specific benefits or outcomes you’ve observed through hiring with Wantedly?"

🔹 Through our collaboration with the Wantedly Team, we successfully attracted individuals who deeply resonated with our mission and values. This outcome was markedly distinct from our previous efforts across alternative channels.

Ready to incorporate purposeful hiring into your organisation and receive dedicated customer service at every stage? Choose Wantedly for your hiring needs today!

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