What we do

At Healthy Homes Marketing Pte Ltd we pride ourselves in providing great products and service to our Distributors and Rainbow Owners. We have been doing direct selling for Rainbow for more than 36 years. It’s a USA brand that carry water base filtration vacuum system.

Why we do

Healthy Homes Marketing Pte Ltd has been marketing the Rainbow Cleaning System and has millions of satisfied customers throughout the world. All Rainbows are demonstrated and sold through a network of Independent Authorized Rainbow Distributors and their professional sales organizations. We aim to: - Increase profit margin - Increase efficiency - Capture a bigger market share - Provide better customer service - Improve employee training. We are Case-Trust certified and a member of Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS). We are also the winner of Singapore SME 1000 Award.

How we do

Rainbow System (Singapore) is recognized for its rich talent pool. With its diverse geographic coverage, Rainbow provides excellent opportunities for people looking for challenges. Our work culture is based on five values – People, Customer Focus, Performance, Integrity, Respect and Entrepreneurship. Employees, who are identified as having high performance and potential, have various opportunities to go beyond the National boundaries and make a mark at the international level.