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Hello, I am from Singapore. In my childhood, I was an energetic kid with an inquisitive mind. Often in trouble for disassembling my home appliances like clocks, to learn how things work!

I was particularly fascinated when I first saw Japanese and American robots on the TV as a child (the Japanese robot was Honda's ASIMO), and dreamed to work in Japan and US one day.

After graduating from high school, I served in the military for two years, and joined a mobile robotics company as an associate software engineer for a year. I then went on to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering in Singapore. While in college, I came to Japan as an intern at CR for 4 months in 2018.
In my internship, I deployed CR robot system at Huis Ten Bosch! My next dream is to work in the US and create new industry with world class robots!

When I was an intern in CR, I was given many opportunities to work on actual solutions with customers directly. At the same time, I am eager to create innovative and useful robots that people need. It is a challenging goal but also an exhilarating adventure! I decided to join CR as I am motivated by the company's vision, "We want to create a new industry of food automation using robots."

I am developing CR proprietary software framework for a soba robot, focusing on application logic and quality assurance.

Firstly, I am grateful to be able to deliver what I have developed to the customer’s needs.
Most importantly, I always get to eat delicious food cooked by the robot I developed!
There are many occasions when we do not know what is the right solution, especially in a new industry with no reference to guide us along. But never an instance do we not know what action to do next! I think CR is agile and decisive. We move forward quickly by working different peoples’ ideas through many trials, finally obtaining the right answer.

“have a purposeful perspective and grow a liking on any kind of work"
Often there will be boring work no one wants to do, but often the most important task. It is crucial to be adaptable and learn to love doing anything, even when you thought impossible. I want to grow my life through various purposeful experiences. With a growth mindset, I can take on most disliked and important task, and work earnestly on it.

What is your hobby?

I have always been interested in many sports, particularly water related and adventurous ones. I was into cycling and wake boarding back in Singapore. While in Japan, I enjoy surfing, bouldering, recently into bike riding and mixed martial arts!

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