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Nice Companies Finish First: All About Al-Futtaim Group’s inclusive culture


Go ahead, let Al-Futtaim fool you - you’ve probably come across one of their retail stores while shopping for a gift this Valentine’s!

Originally from Dubai, this highly international conglomerate is responsible for connecting renowned brands like Ted Baker and Zara to markets across the world.

With a long history of successful business partnerships across different sectors, it’s little wonder that Al-Futtaim has been trusted for their commercial know-how and customer-first mentality. We chat with the team for a quick behind-the-scenes into life at Al-Futtaim Group!

RICE isn’t just-food

Turning one’s purpose into reality is no easy feat, one that Al-Futtaim attributes to having a set of strong core values.

Living by the acronym RICE - 1) Respect, 2) Integrity, 3) Collaboration, and 4) Excellence - these core values are so ingrained that employees are entrusted with work autonomy and have a strong mindset of ownership.

“Humans have flaws - hence, we strongly believe in leveraging on strengths and embracing our weaknesses. Not performing because it’s not what you’re good at? More like how else can it be done with something you’re good at!” shares Zac, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Al Futtaim.

Perhaps something interesting is their approach to collaboration - despite different personality traits, that’s not a problem in getting things settled quickly. Their secret ingredient? Humour!

“Humour dispels any potential conflicts or politics in our already whacking fun working environment. Think about it, the only thing humor invites is positive vibes!”

Come as you are!

Everyone has their own interesting stories to share, and these stories can influence and impact others. Recognizing this, an accepting work culture where teamwork takes priority flourishes at Al-Futtaim. “It's important to be self-driven, but we should also create an impact on others.”

But do be alert! In today’s world, change is the only constant, and adaptability is certainly key when working with them. A good dose of positivity definitely helps too.

If you’re in for it, Al-Futtaim can unlock the door to your personal excellence!