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Kelly Ang

Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore) / Senior Client Success Associate

Kelly Ang

Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore) / Senior Client Success Associate

I am a happy individual who has gone beyond the call of duty in delivering exceptional service and help. I have been trained as a product expert in the relevant software/platforms in order to train and educate our internal & external stakeholders to cultivate customer success and satisfaction.


In the future

To live in a setting where I am happy, confident, and sure of where I am, and what I am doing.

About Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore)

Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore)2 years

Senior Client Success AssociatePresent

- Present

A key driver of Wantedly's mission: To Create a World Where Work Drives Passion.

Client Success Associate

A key driver of Wantedly's mission: To Create a World Where Work Drives Passion.




1. Spearheaded SOPs and Workflow processes for HR Department 2. Became an Expert in our HRMS software. - Advised Internal & External Stakeholders - Software and Payroll subject expert.


1. Set up structures, automate processes to streamline everyday workflow for the Team. 2. Became an expert for a fast moving industry and compliance reliant industry. 3. Set-Up commission structure for the Sales team. 4. 0 complaints on mis-selling or unsatisfactory service provided.




1. Use of customer-oriented sales approach to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and business. 2. Awarded EXCELLENT SERVICE AWARD (RETAIL) - SILVER in 2020. 3. Received award for Top Account Opening within the Direct Sales Team on 4


Life Planner


1. Providing extensive knowledge of both medical and legal fields and payouts associated with work-related or other injuries. 2. Interpersonal skills are key, as life planners must often communicate with ill patients while educating the importance of insurance on a daily basis. 3. Consistently provide prospect leads and clients to the agency.

  • M9A-Life Insurance And Investment-Linked Policies II

    MODULE: - Features, types, advantages and disadvantages of structured products, comparison with other investment options, governance structure; documentation and risks associated with the investment of structured products, particularly - Structured ILPs; Structured ILPs on product features, inherent risks, and performance under various market conditions in determining product suitability for the clients; various types of derivatives in the market, both on-the-exchange and over-the-counter; and - Applications of structured funds relating to product features, inherent risks, and performance of such funds under various market conditions in determining product suitability for the clients’

  • M9 - Life Insurance And Investment-Linked Policies

    MODULE: - Life insurance and life insurance concepts, including setting life insurance premium and - Classification of life insurance products; - Different types of traditional life insurance products; - Various types of riders; investment-linked policies; and annuities; - Industry practices including the application and underwriting process; policy services and claims practices; and contractual provisions and legal issues such as the law of agency and other relevant aspects such as income tax, insurance nomination, wills and trust.

  • Health Insurance (HI) Module

    All life and general insurance intermediaries and company staff members who are involved in advising and / or selling any Health Insurance products including: Medical Expense Insurance Disability Income Insurance Long-Term Care Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Managed Healthcare Insurance Those who provide advice on and / or arrange contracts of insurance in respect of the Health Insurance products that contain only critical illness benefits and / or hospital income benefits are not required to comply with such requirement, provided that they have obtained passes in the Certification in General Insurance - Basic Insurance Concepts & Principles and Personal General Insurance, or Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Module 9: Life Insurance and Investment-Linked Policies.

  • M5 - Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services

    Objectives To test candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the: - Regulatory framework governing financial advisers and representatives under the FAA; - Financial Advisers Regulations (FAR); - Notices and Guidelines governing all financial advisory activities in respect of investment products; - Distribution or marketing of specific functionally similar investment products, namely, life Insurance policies and collective investment schemes, including unit trusts. - Process of conducting a proper clients’ needs analysis; CPF and its schemes.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (SIM-RMIT)2 years

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)


Learn to market to the world. The best product and service in the world are of little use if no one knows they are available. Marketing is a discipline that guides the entire organisation to create customer satisfaction. It involves id

Republic Polytechnic3 years

Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research


The Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research combines business and psychology. Built on a foundation of business and research strategies, the diploma equips students with understanding the various catalysts that drive consumer purchases.




1. Retail & Operations: Product & Brand Expert 2. Opening and Closing of accounts. 3. Stocking in and out of products. 4. Cashiering Duty: Handling of POS system.


Administrative Work & Receptionist


Detailed work responsibilities: · Assisted in general administrative work · Basic accounting · Customer relationships · Events management


  • English - Native
  • Chinese - Conversational

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