Wantedly: The Scouting Guide For Big Wins

How do you go about finding the right talent for a job?

If you are like most hiring managers, you would first ask around from the people you have had the pleasure to work with for good referrals. If that doesn’t pan out, you will conduct an extensive external search ⁠— placing ads, investing in recruiters, signing up on various job platforms and see what lands in your lap.

You might find a handful of talents this way, but odds are you certainly won’t get the real talent you truly need.

As technology advances, many companies are upgrading their talent search methods from traditional to more modern approaches. Talent acquisition teams have come to recognise the need to modify and simplify their current processes of searching and hiring talents (and so should you!).

Going beyond your traditional Human Resource management system, this moves towards integrating a company’s recruiting process and Recruitment Marketing under one platform.

So, how can you improve your chances of hiring the best talent for the job?

Tip: Be clear and concise about what you need from the talent that you are hiring for the role. This will help you filter out what is a good-to-have and what’s a must-have.

You might be thinking, “How would I know what is a must-have trait/skill?”

Consider identifying the core behavioural traits you want your employees to have for this role. Do you need someone self-motivated? Patient? Or meticulous?

Furthermore, consider the hard and soft skills they will need to perform the job. Leadership skills? Problem-solving skills? Negotiation skills? Coding skills? Creative skills?

The list goes on! Don’t just think about what you have drafted in the job post ⁠— think of the primary tasks they would need to accomplish when they are on your team.

Scouting talents for your company has to be a forward-looking activity which most hiring amateurs managers sadly often overlook.

Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t wait until a role needs to be filled before getting into action. Recruit always! Try building relationships with the most talented people and stay in touch with them. This allows you to build a pipeline of talents for your next-hard-to-hire role.

With Wantedly’s Scout feature, you get an all-access pass to our vast network of Wantedly users *ahem* close to 100, 000 *ahem* all at your fingertips. From handpicking the right talent to connecting with them, you’re just a few clicks away from your next great hire!

The best part, sliding into their DMs sending them a scout message allows you to attract and engage with your ideal talents even when your job posts are not getting any hits.

If you happen to be among those who prefer to wait until the hiring season happens, you are already too late!

The best talent acquisition teams are always on the lookout for people who fit right into the company’s cultural landscape. After all, the path to greatness starts with selecting great talents and not settling for mediocrity.

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