What we do

ULukGud is a one stop destination to refresh your body, soul and mind. Book your reservations online through an easy to use system.

Why we do

To be the single online platform that connect B2B and B2C community where business can benefit cost savings by working with our large pool of diverse suppliers and consumers can leverage the best breed products To enable a marketplace where consumers have a more informed decisions about products and services they buy. To build a collaborative platform powered by social networking where our consumers can chat, interact and follow brands and beauty gurus.

How we do

ULukGud is an Eco-System that aims to seamlessly integrate service providers and consumers. We provide the latest upbeat technology to our vendors to help better serve our consumers. Vendors can manage their portfolio of services and reach to audiences through deals and offers. They can customize their deals based on various parameters like time of day, day of week or select a promotional campaign that best suits their service offerings. Our Consumers can benefit by receiving discount on services, staying tuned to latest services in town, read reviews before taking appointments, track and manage their appointments, etc. Moreover, you can earn loyalty points for taking services. Find your regular vendor on our app today and continue using their services plus loyalty points. Did you Change your vendor? No worries still continue with your loyalty points on our App. ULukGud is set to define a new trend in Beauty and Wellness Industry. Come be part of this transformative journey.