What we do

We bring the entertainment. We tell the story. So Drama! Entertainment (previously SAFRA Radio) is a Singapore media company that brings you quality content and entertainment out of our passion for our nation. In our portfolio are four established brands – 88.3JIA , Music & Drama Company, PIONEER and POWER 98 – into which we inject fun and creativity, always. Take the journey with us and be part of our story!

Why we do

Our Brands: MUSIC & DRAMA COMPANY The Music & Drama Company (MDC) is where local talent gets discovered. Well-known Singaporean artistes like Dick Lee, JJ Lin, Jeremy Monteiro, Najib Ali & Nathan Hartono have all passed through the gates of MDC during their National Service or as they started their professional careers. First formed in 1973 to strengthen the morale of SAF soldiers through live entertainment, MDC has come a long way from performing on a makeshift stage formed by three-tonners, to a highly professional company capable of staging multimedia song and dance performances, musicals, music videos, and much more. Even as MDC evolves, it continues with its proud heritage of performing for soldiers, with soldiers. 88.3JIA — 双语第一台,双倍精彩 88.3JIA first rode the airwaves in 1995, before relaunching in 2007 as Singapore's only bilingual station. Featuring both Mandarin and English hits round the clock, we’re now bigger and better as we’ve “upsized” the 88.3JIA experience with more of everything. More variety with two new music streams 88.3JIA K-POP and 88.3JIA WEB HITS. POWER 98 LOVE SONGS POWER 98 has been entertaining radio audiences since 1994. Relaunched as POWER 98 LOVE SONGS – BEST OF LOVE SONGS in 2019, we’re now the first and only English station playing love songs all day. We’ve also “upsized” the POWER 98 experience with more of everything.

How we do

Because it’s a quintessentially Singaporean phrase that describes something which moves and amuses you. And it’s really what we’re about – telling entertaining and engaging stories. Whether on air, on stage, online or in print, we’ll touch your heart and put a smile on your face. Let the drama begin!