What we do

We are a private investment company founded with the aim of uncovering value and rationalising investment returns. We believe in the generation of consistent returns regardless of market conditions, through a diversified and low beta portfolio.

Why we do

We scour the private and public markets for investments that will generate outsized returns with concomitantly undersized risks. We believe in managing risk through judicious structuring and trade management. Capital preservation is an imperative which underpins every investment decision; we cannot grow what we no longer possess. ​ We do not impose artificial constraints on ourselves by narrowly defining our investment mandate. Market conditions are fluid; we believe that rigid adherence to any single investment style marries moral victory to pecuniary failure. We are agnostic to all except for a holistic risk-reward assessment of each individual investment opportunity on its individual merits.

How we do

PROPRIETARY TRADING We trade a suite of algorithmic strategies in the medium- to high- frequency spaces. Our philosophy is to leverage quantitative research in order to generate consistent and sustainable returns across dynamic market conditions. We trade in the FX, futures, commodities and equities markets, from servers co-located in the leading financial data centres. PRIVATE INVESTMENTS We research opportunities in the venture capital and private equity arenas which are diversified across industry and geography. Each investment must have multi-bagger potential, and is structured to minimise potential downside.