What we do

Established in 2014, Q-Zone Technologies is a Management Consultancy firm with full-service Information Technology based in Singapore offering Technology Support, Technology Consulting, and IT Services. Headquartered in Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore, Q-Zone Technologies is led by Leo Tan and consists of certified management consultants, UI/UX designers, marketing team and full-stack developers. Leveraging on the intellectual capital and experience of more than 50 talented developers, Q-Zone Technologies has provided solutions for SMEs and MNCs across South-East Asia. Through a mix of research, design and technology, Q-Zone Technologies crafts compelling solutions geared towards tackling the challenges of ever-changing and rapidly growing markets.

Why we do

We are here to help business owners to ease their frustration and expand and scale their businesses with technologies at minimum cost. Leveraging on the intellectual capital and experience, Q-Zone Tech is developing a series of essential solutions for SMEs providing them with the ease of customizable, expandable, and affordable. With the belief in the Power of Integration, Q-Zone Tech was established with Certified Management Consultants (PMCs), UI/UX Designers, and Full-Stack Developers.

How we do

The core values of our company are to provide "ACE" solutions to business owners. Affordable - where all companies can afford Customizable - where it can be customized to cater to customer’s needs Expandable - where it is integrable with other software