What we do

Classic Access Control Pte Ltd has been in operation since 1978. The company started by offering a small range of automatic door, gate and barrier systems. Over the years, the team has worked towards developing a comprehensive capability to provide access control solutions for various applications. Products Range: • Automatic doors include automatic sliding & swing door systems and folding & curved/circular doors; for the entrance areas of high pedestrian traffic, such as shopping complexes and office buildings. • High-Speed Rapid Shutter Doors include high-speed roll-up, spiral, clean room, cold room, and deep freeze doors; they are suitable for industrial & manufacturing environments by reducing energy usage to help protect the environment. • Security Doors & Portals include circle lock and revolving doors; combine security with aesthetics to create fast and highly reliable security entrances for banks, data centres, government buildings and areas where only authorized personnel are allowed. • Pedestrian Entrance Control Products include full & waist- height turnstiles, flap barriers turnstiles and swing gates turnstiles; for applications ranging from medium to high-security high-traffic areas such as supermarkets, shopping and office complexes. • Vehicular Access & Security Control equipment includes simple automatic gates, lifting arm barriers, rising anti-crash barriers, aesthetical-look bollards, anti-crash manual and automatic rising bollards; complete the physical access and security control solutions. • Specialised & Custom- Built Application Doors include radiation-shielding, hermetically- sealed and dark-room doors that meet the controlled and specific requirements of hospitals, labs, research centres, radiology rooms and controlled access areas. • Complementary Access Control Systems include access card readers, digital keypads, automatic pedestrians and range of access control systems that are also available for integration with the entrance automation solutions above.

Why we do

As a single-source solution provider, we aim to be the one-stop resource that provides quality service through: • Feasibility study & site visit • Maintenance Service • Acceptance • Understand Customer’s Needs • Custom Design • Develop & Products Mapping Proposal • Delivery & Installation • Testing & Commissioning

How we do

We are specialised in providing entrance automation solutions which includes engineering, sales, installation and preventive maintenance services for a wide range of solutions. • Automatic sliding and swing door systems • Access gates & barriers • Waist height turnstiles • Full height turnstiles • Security doors & portals • Pedestrian security lanes • Manual / automatic revolving doors • High speed rapid shutter door • Specialized doors for dark room • Industrial doors • High impact vehicle barriers • Bollard, Road Blockers, Beam/ Barriers