What we do

Our first ever BotCamp
TL;DR: We automate so you can potate. Long version: Botbot.AI is an enterprise productivity solution that uses chat as an interface to automate business processes and workflows. We wish to maximise organisational productivity and human potential — our mission is to ultimately create a net-positive impact by automating conversations for 1 billion lives. Though we hit the ground running just over a year ago, we’ve made rapid advancements: expanding across geographical and virtual boundaries, working together with conglomerates to cafes to serve the needs of enterprises, and creating the future we want to work in.

Why we do

We stay true to our belief that automation empowers our productivity — but productivity isn’t everything. At the end of the day, it’s about maximizing human potential and the prospect of pushing our own limits that get us up every morning. How we want to accomplish this is by empowering people with tools to take out the menial, repetitive and transactional tasks - all so that they can push their own limits of cognition. . So we created Botbot.AI - a self-learning platform that helps enterprises boost their productivity through automation of conversations, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning — moving people from the mundane to higher-value work across all industries.

How we do

Meet our craftsmen
We are growth-oriented. For us, office is not just a place to work. It's a community aiming to grow everyone in it. We have a group to support and monitor each other's progress on their personal goals. We have our bi-weekly sharing session where everyone gets an opportunity to share what they learnt and take ownership of the topic. We actively share useful articles and productivity hacks with each other via group chat. As our newest initiative, we also start a culture of expressing appreciation to a team member who has performed beyond and above his/her job scope by giving him/her a virtual cookie. Having fun is important to us — we have regular team outings, we go on impromptu coffee breaks, we plan BotCamps — we sweat it out not just during work, but during playtime too! . We’re driven by a common hunger and desire for growth and innovation. We learn as we go, we advance and we develop new strategies. We are united in our shared conviction that low-value work should and will be automated. At heart, we’re not just developers, designers nor consultants - we’re people who believe in people, and we analyse, execute fast, and iterate. We actively acquire and exchange knowledge, and actively unearth problems to solve. From the interns to the founders, all of us bring unique value, narratives, and knowledge to the table. We harness our skills and strategy daily and put in the collective effort to get us to our audacious goal — to be craftsmen of conversation.