What we do

BeLive was founded in 2014 with the conviction that live video was going to be a communication staple for the next decade. In 2017, BeLive launched a mobile platform of the same name. The platform quickly gained popularity for it's alternative take on live video content with popular segments like Live Trivia and Live Shopping. It amassed more than a million downloads in less than 2 years. The company launched BeLive Technology in early 2019, having seen demand for it's livestreaming services skyrocket after their partnerships with like-minded enterprises. BeLive has offices in Singapore and Vietnam, and a heavily developer focused team of 40.

Why we do

BeLive’s mission to empower every company with meaningful Live Video experiences. BeLive's proprietary live-streaming solutions allows any individual or business to integrate live video for their business in minutes. Anyone can easily integrate it's SDK to enable live video for their website or mobile app and have immediate access to industry leading live-streaming features like live-shopping, live-trivia, virtual gifting and live-education. BeLive's live video infrastructure supports millions of live viewers concurrently at a lightning fast delay of 0.2secs while also being cost efficient.

How we do

BeLive is a company driven by its commitment to provide visionary, top class consumer products and our development in the coming years will be based on this very ambition. We will continue to innovate, inspire and grow our company with the same set of values that have served us so well in our journey thus far.