What we do

The Androidsinboots team is a team of imagemakers who believe in the importance of visual storytelling. Our craft isn’t just about creating the familiar and the good; we embrace unconventionality and eclecticism, we create based on personalities and emotion.

Why we do

With sensitivity in mind, we respect the integrity of personal moments and only strive to capture, not direct. We try to expect the unexpected, to capture spontaneities and present a visual adventure to our audience. Sound is a vital component of our work because we all react to it- music, and voices from one person to another. We endeavour to reflect our couple’s personalities in our work while keeping it as honest as possible.

How we do

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to bring forth a new visual experience to each and every client of ours. We are dreamers who never lose sight of the magic in others. And all the different forms of brilliance a person has to offer, we endeavour to translate it into something beyond words.