An Open Letter to My Wantedly Family - Goodbye :’(

As my internship with Wantedly ends, I want to address an open letter to everyone on the Wantedly Team, to immortalise the experiences I have gone through and the relationships I have made. If you’re ready to learn more about the Wantedly Team, more profound than you’ve ever known, then read on because the people you will meet in this article will not disappoint!

My name is Josabella. I’ve been a Digital Marketing Intern at Wantedly for six months. My story is not one that you haven’t heard before. After I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Medical Biotechnology, I realised that pursuing a career in scientific research wasn’t something I wanted to do.

I found myself drifting along. Feeling unmotivated and confused about what to do with my life, I signed up for many different classes and online courses and landed in a digital marketing programme under Hatch (if you remember Vivien’s story, I’m her classmate from the same course XD) They have courses related to digital marketing, UI/UX and digital design, check them out here!

As an attachment under that course, I was introduced to Wantedly for an internship to learn the marketing ropes and put into action what I have learnt from my course at Hatch, such as copywriting, data analysis, and creative design. And here we are today, the end of my internship draws near; as a final project under Wantedly, I am writing this article to tell my story and celebrate the people I have worked, stressed, played, and had fun with on this Wantedly Journey! To make things more interesting, I will compare our Enneagram Types, to see how well we work together.

My Enneagram type is 7: The Enthusiast. Let's see how I work with the rest of the team!


Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker

This is Amirah; she leads the Marketing team and is my extremely hardworking and supportive colleague. Based on the enneagram test, she is a Type 9: the Peacemaker. This enneagram type is easy-going, receptive, reassuring, and agreeable.

When comparing Type 7s and Type 9s, we have similarities in terms of being optimistic, friendly, and forward-looking - not the type of stewing over failures or disappointments. In Wantedly, we work closely with our team to brainstorm content, push out deliverables, and plan for events.

Type 7s are constantly curious, have multiple interests, and are quick to make plans, All of which I relate to. On the other hand, Type 9s bring a sense of support and steadiness, which applies to Amirah. While I like to generate ideas and bounce from one thing to the next, having her as a manager ensures that I can stay on track with my tasks. She regularly checks in on me and helps me prioritise my work when I have a few projects.

As a Peacemaker, she goes out of her way to include and involve others during discussions. A few times, our meetings segued into different topics when I shared my perspectives, but Amirah ensured that she directed the conversation back to my points. She keeps in touch with the issues and concerns of all our team members, frequently welcoming feedback so we improve our processes and that everyone is coping with work.

Having her as my rock during my time at Wantedly was really one of the reasons that made my internship so fruitful, allowing me to complete the tasks that I was assigned while also taking managing to finish fun projects that I wanted to do. Thank you, Amirah! <3

Bao Ying

Enneagram type 2: The Helper

This is Bao Ying, another Marketing Team member who brings so much energy to our meetings and always looks out for us all. Based on the enneagram test, she is a Type 2: The Helper, which is described as a caring, generous, and interpersonal type.

Type 2s and 7s are pretty similar in being outgoing, friendly and high-energy people. They are also engaging and spontaneous. We both work with Amirah within the marketing team to complete our marketing projects. In terms of this, I enjoy the meetings where we can bounce ideas off one another.

Additionally, Type 2s are unique for their altruistic action, looking out for others and constantly checking in for how they can help others. Bao Ying embodies this, as she constantly looks out for us and checks in on us if issues arise. She gives off the #BigJieJie vibes, and you can be sure she will take care of you! Thank you, Bao Ying! <3


Enneagram Type 1: The Reformer

This is Kelly; she is part of the Client Success (CS) Team at Wantedly. The Marketing and Client Success teams work closely together to ensure high-quality deliverables to our clients. Kelly leads the CS Team and spearheads many initiatives for engaging our clients.

She is a Type 1: The Reformer, who has the traits of being rational, principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and can be a perfectionist. Type 1s are conscientious and orderly, have good work habits, pay methodical attention to detail, and maintain excellence and high standards. Though Inever worked directly with Kelly, we did work together in planning a company gathering, in which I witnessed her committed work style and meticulousness.

Type 1s and 7s are described as having a complementary and reciprocal relationship and helping each other to reach new growth. I feel that this is especially true when working together with Kelly. Like Amirah, she helps keep me on track and working systematically constantly towards the end goal she has in her mind. I also heavily appreciate her attention to detail which I sometimes gloss over. I love working with you, Kelly!! <3


Enneagram Type 3: Achiever

This is Royston, a current intern under the Client Success Team and working under Kelly. He is known as the #wiseguy who drops many philosophical quotes within the Wantedly Team. Despite sounding like a humourless guy, he’s quite the joker and brings great joy and energy to our office. We miss his random singing and dancing, and it’s not the same in the office anymore. Visit us soon @Royston!

He can have a serious side, too, though. He is a Type 3: Achiever, described to be success-oriented, driven, adaptive, and pragmatic. But when it comes to working, his enneagram type shines through in the effort that he puts in and how independently he works. Appreciate you, Royston!!!!


Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

This is Vivien, a previous Marketing Intern I worked with for most of my internship. Bubbly and lively, she brings lots of joy and enthusiasm to the team dynamic.

She has the same enneagram type as Bao Ying, a Type 2: The Helper. Having worked closely with her, I can attest that that is true. Starting our internship together and having a close friendship beforehand, she has helped and been there for me countless times throughout and beyond the work aspect. Fondly known as our #TikTokStar and #OscarQueen, she brings a light into your life and has made my internship with Wantedly extremely fun! Thank you, Vivien! <3

A shout-out to other teammates I’ll miss

Other than these people that I work with and interact with more often due to my role as a marketing intern, others within Wantedly made my journey here memorably who I also wish to appreciate, namely:

  • Andrew, our Country Manager, is always slaying in his funky patterns and constantly looking out for everybody in the Wantedly Team. Without him, our Wantedly Team would not be as bonded as we are today. Dedicated and supportive, he is undoubtedly one of the best bosses that I have ever had. Thank you, Andrew!
  • Alex, our Sales Lead. Although we do not see him often, as he is usually in meetings or making calls, he made my internship fruitful! On the rare occasions, we get to have conversations; I find myself learning something new each time (that says nothing about his age 🤭).
  • Afiqah, our Sales Intern, who is also from the same Digital Marketing Course as Vivien and me, stepped out of her comfort zone to try something new in sales. She made her mark on wantedly (and our stomachs with her amazing bakes from @waticreates, go check them out 😋), and this internship wouldn't have been complete without her.
  • Erika & Christine, our Wantedly Singapore’s support team from the Japan HQ. Working in different countries, we did not have much chance to interact. However, from our team bonding sessions in our Friday Wrap-Ups (as initiated by Andrew 🥳), I feel like I’ve managed to catch a glimpse of who they are and what they love and care about. I’ve also come to appreciate the hard work they put in for us in Singapore! Despite our distance, we all aim to do the best for Wantedly! I will miss you guys as well!

Finally, I also wanted to highlight that, other than the main Eannagram types, a wing type is also identified when you do the test, an aspect of your personality that compliments your main type. Interestingly, based on the main types and the wings that most of the Wantedly Team has, there are a lot of 2s: The Helper. It’s no wonder that working at Wantedly has been a great experience right from the start. Everybody is willing to lend a helping hand, making us all feel extremely supported! It is especially apparent when you get to work with this amazing bunch of people, so if you want to experience working with them yourself, check out the internship roles that we have available 💖 I’d highly recommend you apply for the marketing internship 😉

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for a fulfilling six months. Here’s to closing a chapter with one of the most amazing experiences EVER! I wish everybody in Wantedly all the best and many more fun times and growth. I will take what I have learned and experienced with you for the rest of my life because you have impacted my character, work, and life. I’LL MISS YOU GUYS <3

With lots of love 🥹,
Josabella 💙

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