Wantedly Unveils a Brand New Logo

Wantedly have remodelled our branding design and logo, released on the 21st of June, 2021.

Why the Renewal?

With our mission to “Create a world where work drives passion”, Wantedly has been constantly evolving our products in order to make our goal of helping people find passion through their work, a reality.

Now, with that goal of constant evolution top of mind, we would like to introduce our new brand and visual identity.

Wantedly’s new logo was created in their head office in Tokyo, Japan, by the design team who sought to encompass the tone and manner of Wantedly’s brand; “smart, bold, and sophisticated”.

After countless discussions and debates with the management team on the kind of worldview the new branding was aiming to represent, the final logo was narrowed down and chosen from over 300 designs.

The Design Concept

With this renewal, we were able to resolve issues such as visibility and contrast with background imagery that we had faced with the original logo. With a simpler design approach, we could also create a strong uniqueness which had previously been lacking. We maintained the sharp angles of the W silhouette, and aimed to create a logo that is clear-cut and minimalist, with an authentic feel. By doing so, we felt we could truly convey the essence of our stance as a company that goes beyond a simple technology service to one that seeks to “build cultures.”

The Meaning Behind the Logo

Each part of our renewed brand logo symbolizes a part of our identity as a company. The two backslashes in the logo express the idea of a “wedge that breaks the mould”. It conveys the impact that both Wantedly as a platform and the people that use it have on the wider society. The circle in the top right represents innovative individuals who are constantly growing and progressing.

Branding Guideline

Alongside the release of the new logo design, Wantedly’s branding guideline has also been renewed. The team hopes to spread understanding of our mission so that people can resonate with and share the worldview Wantedly is aiming to represent.

Wantedly’s services allow companies to showcase their employer brand to potential job seekers, and provide a platform for companies and professionals to connect based on mutual ideals. With this renewed brand identity, Wantedly hopes to strengthen our standing as a “foundation for all business professionals.”