Why You Should Consider Mentoring Your Employees

Here's a question to all the bosses, managers, and supervisors out there; have you ever considered becoming a mentor for your employees?

#TriviaThursday: As much as 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentorship programmes. But what is a mentorship exactly?

Mentorship is a relationship between an experienced, knowledgeable employee and an inexperienced, new employee. In a company, one could either create mentoring programmes or become a mentor.

How is a mentor different from a boss or manager, you ask? They are very different!

For one, since mentors have to share their experiences and knowledge, they also need to get to know the mentees more personally. Think of it like going to the gym; personal trainers would not be able to determine the kind of training to give without knowing their clients' physical abilities and limitations.

On the other hand, most bosses or managers are not required to cultivate such relationships. That is because their primary responsibility is delegating tasks to employees and trusting that they will do those tasks well with as little monitoring as possible.

Now before you say "I don't have time to do such things!", read on for the reasons why you should at least consider.

Nurture your precious talents

Numerous studies have found that effective mentorship programmes and relationships can help reduce turnover rates and increase employee engagement. Having a mentor allows employees to feel that the company is investing in their personal growth and career development. That would make them feel confident and motivate them to do more for the company.

We all know how hard it is to find new hires (Trust us, we know), so why not help your current employees bring out their true potential with a little bit more TLC; tender loving care?

It’s a two-way thing

Being a mentor does not mean you are the only one teaching them new things. A mentor-mentee relationship has that vital aspect that allows both parties to speak their minds and give unfiltered feedback.

You would be surprised that during your mentorship period, you will learn new things from them too. As much as you inspire them, they could inspire you also. These new things could give you a unique insight into your career, help you craft your next big presentation, or even help you brainstorm new ideas for your new business.

Mentoring = Networking

Imagine this; you have done your mentoring duties, your mentee has climbed the ranks in the company, they have had their share of experience in the company, and they finally decide to leave the company.

Don’t fret! You should be happy that they are moving on to better opportunities. Better yet, I can bet that they will never forget the help that you have given them. They will want to keep in touch with you and might even contact you if ever they need you to remind them about that one little quote you said that inspired them.

If that happens, congratulations! You have a network that could last for a lifetime! For all you know, your mentee could introduce you to your next business partner or your next job opportunity!

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