2 Words We Take For Granted At Work

Growing up, you've likely had your parents teaching you that being polite is essential. But when was the last time you showed appreciation to your team? And, I don’t mean the kind when someone opens the door for you or chopes a table for lunch. I mean the pat-on-the-back kind where you recognise the hard work that person has put in.

Employee recognition doesn't have to be expensive. Thanking your coworkers can be the simplest, yet the most constructive way to boost employee morale and promote a healthy work culture. Bet you didn’t know that! Even if you did, it’s sad to say that most leaders hesitate to show their appreciation.

Many leaders wonder why they should show gratitude just because a team member does his/her job. With such a mindset, your team would turn the tables against you and demand respect. That’s when all hell breaks loose.

Regardless of any reason, there is never a valid excuse to not say thank you. As the old saying goes, “a smile and a thank you won’t cost you a dime, but not doing either may cost you later.”

Saying thank you to your colleagues, superiors, or anyone who has helped you out in some way can prove to be pretty powerful. And it doesn't cost you a thing, but it can create a ripple effectbecause showing gratitude is contagious!

Let your team know the ways in which their work and contribution matter to you. The more you express your gratitude, the more often others will experience it and in turn, pick up the habit of showing their appreciation to others—who couldn’t use a little more of that at work?

Where some employees may feel validated with praises in a meeting #publicdeclaration, another might feel the gesture is over-the-top. Sometimes, a simple handwritten thank-you note is all it takes. Get clear on how your team feels about receiving feedback and in what form fits them best.

And that is how a simple 'thank you' on your part can go a long way to building and improving your company's culture.

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