Why You Should Give Fresh Grads A Chance

Are you looking to grow your team before 2019 ends? Graduation season is upon us, and you know that these fresh graduates are on the lookout for work (we’ve all been there), but would it be worthwhile for your company to hire one?

Well, what if more companies focused on the benefits of hiring fresh graduates, rather than combing the ends of the Earth for just that one seasoned talent?

The truth is, you don’t need a million and one reasons why you ought to give fresh graduates a chance: You only need three.

1. They bring something fresh to the table

Fresh graduates might have done a couple of internships here and there. But they have yet to lose themselves in the corporate world. Sure, they are greenhorns, but that’s the silver lining.

Their mind isn’t cemented to a particular way of doing things from previous roles, and they can bring something new to the table. Not to mention, given our tech-savvy generation, they’re likely to be more in touch with current trends and have different viewpoints on work flexibility. From flexible work hours, working remotely to job autonomy, they are more likely to drive efficiency at work.

The best part, they are never afraid to ask ‘why?’. This can prove useful for your company when analyzing old methods and finding creative solutions to problems.

Plus, it helps to inject a younger voice into your company and increase diversity at the same time!

2. They yearn to learn

Fresh-off-the-books graduates are like sponges who will hungrily soak up all that new information you feed them. As it’s their first time diving headfirst into the corporate world, you are in an ideal position to nurture and shape them into a role you deem fit within the business.

Indeed, many companies are reticent to take chances on new or less experienced talents. But that doesn’t mean you have to be on the same wavelength.

Ever heard of the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”?

Hiring fresh graduates means training your very own pool of talents while creating a pipeline of successors. By doing so, it allows you to mould great leaders from scratch — an experience that is rewarding for both employer and employee.

As this is their first job, they are incredibly determined to prove themselves. Essentially, they are on a mission to knock your socks off.

But please do not take it as a sign where they will clock 60 hours on a 40 hour per week work contract. They are willing to learn, not stupid ignorant.

3. They are up-to-date with technology

The generation gap is pretty evident when it comes to technology (duh, you don’t say). It’s hard to deny that technology makes a whole world of difference when it comes to work efficiency.

Younger employees tend to be more tech-savvy and well-informed when it comes to the latest tech trends. These digital natives have always had this innate ability to adapt to the newest technology in a matter of minutes!

This unique characteristic makes them valuable to any company, as technology continuously advances and changes the world. Their way of life caters to your everyday evolving consumer, how can you say no to that?

The young and ambitious

Unlike previous generations, the Millenials and Gen Zs are more prone to make a great cultural fit for the company as they are more flexible when it comes to working practices as compared to more experienced talents.

It may be more time-intensive and resource-demanding to bring a fresh graduate up to speed compared to onboarding someone who already knows their way around the career jungle gym. But when such a process is viewed as an investment, finding the right talent for the job can be a decision that pays multifold for years.

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