Millennials, redefined: Your new lyf calling

Every generation looks at the one behind them and critiques, ‘What’s wrong with kids these days?’.

While it might sound like a generalisation of the strawberry generation millennials today, you might want to think twice.

Millennials’ perspectives on their careers and the vast job market tend to be quite different from the thoughts of a Baby Boomer and Gen-Xer. In fact, ample research around the world has shown that millennials are one of the most purpose-driven individuals across all generations: Motivated by purpose, passion and impact.

Gone are the days of the ‘30 year career’. Rather than assuming we’ll work in one location (ahem), us Millennials tend to pick up new skills, attitudes, and behaviours that can help us work across different cultures.

As the old Confucius saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ❤️️

Live your lyf to the fullest

Helmed by The Ascott Limited, which has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, lyf is a service residence brand that aims to create a vibrant community for millennials to live in its coliving apartments.

Fun fact: lyf, pronounced ‘life’, stands for ‘live your freedom’. Reminds you a lot of the term YOLO, don’t you agree? 💯

At lyf, you get more than just an apartment stay. Going beyond traditional hospitality concepts, lyf signifies a new way of living and collaborating as a community. We even had the privilege of visiting their new space!

Designed for and managed by millennials, lyf was created to connect like-minded travellers while setting the stage for jet-setters and trendsetters to 'live your freedom' in a dynamic environment.

Much like Wantedly, we believe such dynamic environments serve an important purpose for each and everyone to connect, share experiences and build meaningful relationships and networks.

Beyond connections with a space, it is the connections within a space that creates the most dynamic and desirable of communities, isn’t it? ☝️

While each lyf property bears its own unique personality and local flavour, communal spaces are a definite constant for all properties.

Imagine: a versatile and dynamic lobby that doubles as a coworking and event space; and a "wash and hang" laundromat, where residents you can socialize with buddy up over matches of foosball while waiting for their your laundry; and a communal social kitchen where you can cook, hang out, and even take cooking classes together 🍳

Not to mention, you can look forward to an array of specially curated events organised by the Ambassador of Buzz and lyf Guards conveniently held right where you live. Talk about a buzzing community! 🤗

You deserve work that you love

Looking for an unconventional career in hospitality where your unique talents and personality can shine? Here’s your chance!

A life-changing opportunity not to be missed, connect with like-minded, fun-loving individuals at lyf’s recruitment bootcamp this May. Did we mention it’s a mystery location in Singapore? 🙈

Psst...you’ll even get to explore a new side of Singapore and take on surprise challenges! All you need is the right attitude and an extraordinary appetite for life. This global campaign is on a lookout for three members to join their expanding team.

From organising events as an Ambassador of Buzz to overseeing a lyf property as a lyf Champion, there’s plenty of room for you to grow 💪

So, what do you say? Bring your A game and send your application here to discover your lyf calling!