How to get that instant resume glo-up? ✨ #10YearsChallenge

2019 has just started, and social media has got pretty strange already. Not to mention, a new internet challenge is on a roll 🔥

So far, an egg has dethroned Kylie Jenner on Instagram for the record of the most-liked image on Instagram (45 million likes against Kylie’s 18 million). And right before that, Netflix movie Bird Box had us all running around blindfolded and in constant paranoia. I must say, what a time to be alive! 🙌

Now here’s a new viral sensation sweeping across everyone’s feed. Let’s welcome the ‘#10YearsChallenge’ — where people share a picture of themselves ten years ago alongside one from today to show the world how they have changed.

Naturally, a lot of us have jumped on the bandwagon hot and fast including us (#fomo much). And, we want to put our spin on this challenge by bringing you a #10YearsChallenge edition for your resume. Yes, you heard us right! We want to amp up your A game and give that resume of yours an instant glow up

If you haven’t sought out a new career opportunity for the past five years or more, you may be uncertain of where to start when creating a resume for today’s marketplace.

Has that much changed since you last applied for a position in 2009 — or maybe even 2000? See for yourself! These five areas are an excellent place to start updating your resume:

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Goals Versus Objectives

Your objective can’t get even more apparent than this. If you are sending out your resume, your primary mission is to land an interview (duh, of course). Why waste this prime spot at the top of your resume for an objective statement that serves no legit purpose? Plus, including an objective section screams desperation. Don’t you agree?

You may be wondering, “If I remove the objective section at the top of my resume, what can or should I bump to the top?” Why not highlight your goals and values for a change? It need not be career oriented, but it should showcase your best qualities and how they fit in with your prospective company’s objectives 👍

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Identifying Keywords and Using Them

Such keywords are repeated in a job post, highlighting the specific skills and technical knowledge needed to excel in the position. Many companies utilise an Applicant Tracking System to filter through incoming resumes. Try incorporating such relevant keywords into your resume to avoid landing in the rejection pile.

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The Power of Transferable Skills

Don’t panic if you don’t have any experience that fits the bill. Instead, focus your resume on the relevant and transferable skills you can pick out from academic projects or maybe even your part-time job.

Example, a cashier isn’t just a cashier. Working in the customer service sector offers you the opportunity to spend your day communicating with people. Besides, it gives you the chance to meet a diverse group of people and deal with a good mix of personality types too.

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Show Some Personality

Let’s be honest: We all want to work with people we get along well with 🤷

While experience, relevant skills and education are essential, this trio may not be enough to set you apart from the rest. Mentioning a few of your interests or hobbies shows you’re a well-rounded individual who has a life outside of work (Mine is to understand Shakespeare’s language 📚🖋)

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Keep It Short and Sweet

On average, recruiters and hiring managers spend only six seconds reviewing an individual resume. Instead of having a three-page resume that describes in detail every role you took on, keep it to one page and match your prior responsibilities with the job’s duties outlined in the job post.

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When you're facing a world of fierce competition in the job market, it’s crucial and essential to modernise your resume to combat age discrimination. Unless...you are alright with being replaced and passed over by younger, less experienced candidates? Swiper, no swiping! 🙅

Sample Resume

Let’s Be Honest: Updating a Resume is a Drag.

The first step to landing your dream job is to create a stand-out resume. But believe it or not, there are thousands and thousands of free templates and platforms out there that can make your resume look like the bombdotcom with a snap of your fingers 👉👈

The modern resume is ever-changing and evolving. While it may seem daunting, take this opportunity to combine your creativity and personality to give yourself an edge over others.

Got your resume glo-up? We nominate you for this challenge!

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