Introducing Legend Fintech - leveraging on Data Science to transform the Logistics industry

17 February 2022

Legend Logistics Group was invited to speak at a Career talk in conjunction with Wantedly. In attendance were aspiring tech talents who had completed their bootcamp in Web Development and Data Science with Le Wagon.

Head of Digital Transformation at Legend Fintech, Raymond Lim

Raymond is a multi-hyphenate, with deep expertise across Innovation, Web 3.0, including DeFi and NFTs, and is also a passionate community building.

Raymond is an experienced talent sourcer and amongst his recruiting experience is to help a Series B Tech Startup in North America to build a Tech Hub in Vancouver.

In his previous professional experience, Raymond co-founded an Enterprise Software Solutions company focused on AI, Data Science and Machine learning. Subsequently, he has built and led initiatives for the Singapore government, fast-growing startups and long-standing SMEs. With his focus on driving value through synergies, Raymond has helped establish cross-border ecosystems across different regions, including for Germany, Korea and China, and also for the Blockchain space here in Singapore.

As a community builder, Raymond also co-founded Storigin which shares stories of the community to promote meaningful relationships, and is part of a long-term community project for his alma mater and separately for the needy in Timor Leste.

With his wealth of experience, there was no better speaker to advice on tech careers in the year 2022.

Introducing Legend Fintech

Legend Logistics is a well-established and proud Singapore-born organisation that has achieved a global footprint in the logistics space in a matter of 10 years - in fact, our group is celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year and are geared for more rapid expansion. In our journey, while we have reached many growth milestones, including being the top 5 largest provider in Asia, we have identified very clearly that there are global-scale supply chain woes that will affect countries and businesses and citizens on a very serious level, as part of a fallout from the pandemic. In a nutshell, these supply chain problems are going to escalate inflation across developed and also emerging markets. Legend Logistics Group sees this as a major challenge for our industry and beyond and we want to help.

At this event, we introduced Legend Fintech, our Digital Transformation arm, for one of the very first times ahead of our 10th Anniversary. To help one of the biggest who will be impacted by the above-stated challenges faced in Supply Chain, Legend is expanding our network aggressively to global ports that are difficult to reach and adding services to enhance our client’s trading abilities. In order to achieve this, we are introducing our very own one-stop trade finance service that leverages on big data and technology The Legend and we connect customers to:
▪ A comprehensive set of logistics services
▪ Freed-up working capital
▪ A fast and straight forward financing process
▪ Economies of scale

Big Data & Technology

By leveraging on Big Data and Technology, we have created a Legend Platform to aid the Legend Ecosystem.

Legend Fintech is on the lookout for passionate tech talents to drive our vision this year, connect with Raymond and stay tuned!

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