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How did Gogochart capture the growing business need of App marketing by hiring great talents?

Explore more on how GoGoChart found their high-skilled candidates through Wantedly!


About GoGoChart:
Industry: Marketing Agency
Company Size: 25+
Founded: 2015
Recruiting for: Account Manager, Business Development, Motion Graphic Designer, SEO Specialist, SEM/PPC Specialist, Wordpress Developer

The Challenge:
Talent Shortage
GoGoChart is an awarded Mobile App Marketing Agency, and is expanding quickly even throughout the pandemic. GoGoChart is constantly hiring and looking for talented individuals to join the team. The challenge is that there’s a talent shortage with the skills GoGoChart needs as it is not a popular industry; therefore, potential applicants are very limited. In addition, to meet the growing demand, they need specific and experienced candidates who are highly skilled and be involved in multiple parts of the business from day one.

The Solution:
Effective Distribution of Recruiting Resources by Wantedly

The Wantedly team helped optimize and clarify job descriptions to better target the talent they were looking for. Using Wantedly’s own network and scout database, we were able to determine where to focus on the recruiting efforts and outreach to high-skilled candidates to enter into GoGoChart’s hiring pipeline. In addition, through our social channels and EDM, we were able to share more employer branding content out to the community, helping GoGoChart establish a strong employer brand as well as brand’s awareness for future recruitment efforts.

The Result:
Right Candidates to be Hired
<Some significant figures>

Job Posts: 15
Total Page Views: 7943
Total Applicants: 110
Application Rate: 1.49%
Successful Hires: 4
Time to Hire: 1 month

Testimonial from GoGoChart:
"A huge appreciation to Beatrix Chow and the Wantedly Hong Kong for a wonderful experience. They have provided loads of assistance during the hiring process, not to mention they gave advice on building the company profile, and also recommended the right candidates to us. In fact, we have welcomed two excellent members joining the team with a big help from the Wantedly. For no doubt we will continue using Wantedly for future hiring and we are so excited to keep a good business with Wantedly."

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