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How did Fresh Accounting manage to attract “Fresh” talents to join their team?

Read more to learn about how Wantedly helped Fresh Accounting write localized content and attract candidates!


About Fresh Accounting:
Industry: FinTech / Management Accounting
Company Size: 15
Founded: 2014
Recruiting for: Assistant Accountant, Accounting Consultant

The Challenge: 
Lacking Localised Content to Attract Candidates
Fresh Accounting as a relatively new accounting firm in Hong Kong, was lacking localised content to help them differentiate between other competitors. Because of this it was difficult to engage and source local candidates outside of their own personal networks. As a growing team, there was no headcount for a full-time HR or recruitment manager to build a recruitment funnel, or to actively engage with applicants, therefore missing out on potential candidates.

The Solution:
Localisation by Wantedly

Wantedly’s team helped to consolidate information about Fresh Accounting, localise it to Chinese and present it in an appealing way to millennial and GenZ job seekers. This was done through an article posted from Fresh’s company page, as well as through our social channels and mailing lists. By auditing and optimizing their company page and job description, we were able to present more about Fresh’s team and company culture, making it clear to job seekers why Fresh Accounting is a great place to work.

The Result:
Successful Hires with Cultural Fit

Within 25 days of posting the job, we were able to confirm 2 successful hires that were a good fit with Fresh’s team culture!

Testimonial from Paul Gardner, CEO of Fresh Accounting:
“A very big thank you to Josh Li and the Wantedly Hong Kong team. As one of the younger accounting firms in Hong Kong and built on the principle of 'all things cloud and all things digital' it's not as easy for graduates to find us. With the help of Wantedly Inc. we secured two great additions to our team and looking forward to continue to work with Wantedly as our business continues to grow in Hong Kong and Singapore.”

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