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#PeopleOfWantedly: Marketers are not on social media all the time


If there’s one thing marketers wish everyone knew about what they do, is that there’s more to marketing than JUST being on social media. Not gonna lie, this got us a little fired up. In broad terms, marketers are responsible for developing and executing strategies to promote products and services, and generate awareness for the brand. Ultimately, all roads lead to some form of acquisition - be it increasing subscribers, call to purchase, sign-ups, downloads, and more.

From strategizing, developing, and executing marketing campaigns, content creation, market research, to analysing campaign performance, marketers are constantly brainstorming for new ideas to reach out and engage their audiences across a multitude of platforms.

Meet Mae as she tells us what it’s like as Wantedly Singapore’s Senior Marketing Manager, with some advice on building a career in marketing.

Tell me about yourself, and why a career in technology?

I got my start as a technical theatre graduate, majoring in Stage & Production management. I've always loved theatre and the arts, and I'm a self-professed tv junkie! Later with a degree in Mass Communications, I embarked on my marketer journey, and in the span of over 12 years, I’ve been in an ad agency, tourism & hospitality, and most recently before Wantedly, in broadcast media. I’ve always wanted to be part of something that’s bigger than myself. I wanted to find a career that fulfils that aspect, combined with my growing passion for the tech industry, so here we are!

What is a typical workday in your life as a Marketer?

I usually start the day by catching up with the latest tech and industry news, powered by a good cup of coffee. Then I look into our weekly content calendar and start working on campaigns that need to go out on that day. I check in with my intern (that’s you!) to make sure we’re on track. A bulk of the day is spent analysing data, reporting, and strategising for campaigns ahead. In between, I pray that the tech gods on the other side of the globe have not made any drastic changes to their platforms while I was asleep Singapore time that would send me scrambling to make changes to the way our marketing campaigns are set when I wake up.

What is the biggest misconception people have about marketers, is it true you’re just on social media every day?

I am on social media quite a bit throughout the day, but not in the way most people think! Well, some parts are true, I love a good viral meme. But as the busybody that I am, I like to see what other companies are up to, and maybe learn something from the way they promote their brand, products or services on social media. I also appreciate a good copy(writing). Digital marketing is a large part of my work, so it’s not enough that I just plan for campaigns and execute them. I also need to measure its success, manage budgets, study trends, audience segmentation, data analysing, and then recalibrate where necessary. Excuse you, I also have KPIs and targets to meet!

What do you like most about your job and why?

As I mentioned, I wanted to find more fulfilment in my work. I’ve also been a jobseeker and I understand the pain and frustration we all go through in that journey. Was my resume not good enough? Was it my interview answers? We do a lot of pro bono work in that we have webinars and career workshops with job seekers, fresh graduates to help them in their career search. We conduct them ourselves or bring in experts (where I get to learn new things myself too!). From resume workshops and interview tips, or just giving them an overview of the hiring landscape, we hope we’ve helped them even just a tiny bit in this process. Sometimes all one needs is a bit of a push and a sense of direction. Marketing Wantedly as a platform aside, this is a part of the work that I truly value.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started as a marketer?

When I started, digital marketing and social media were not really a thing yet (yes, I’m that old lol). A lot of it was self-taught along the way. It goes without saying that in this age of tech and digitalisation, data analytics is key. But you cannot only know what you need to know. Insight and understanding of what the people around you in the ecosystem are doing are important too. At least on a basic level, you may also want to explore complementary skills such as Coding or UI/UX. As a digital marketer, this will go a long way in how you plan, strategize, and communicate with your teammates and various stakeholders you have to work with. We have a ton of resources now, courses, and upskilling opportunities. Identify the gap in your skillset and jump on it. Always be curious and never cease to be a lifelong learner. There’s always something to be learned from everyone.

Marketing as an industry offers the most diversity in terms of day-to-day work. Brainstorming ideas for campaigns, keeping up with the latest news, and creating meaningful content takes a lot of dedication. Do not be afraid to try new things, constantly innovate, and put ideas into motion. Along with creativity and strategic-thinking abilities, you too can find yourself on the path to becoming a marketer!

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