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#WantedlyVisits: Food from the Heart


This Story was first written for our company's internal engagement and published in Wantedly's Internal Story, but in this season of Giving, I thought to share it again, publicly this time, to help raise awareness for those in need.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one. - Mother Theresa

A Company of Good

I have always envisioned to serve an employer that believes is giving, and I am very privileged to be part of Wantedly's amazing mission and social impact.

Since Covid-19 outbreak, we have had many initiatives to help the jobseeker community who are facing the toughest job market of their generation. Some of them are unemployed, some of them are "desperate", and hopefully our initiatives to help jobseekers will help give them a leg up in career pursuit, especially for those whose livelihoods are at risk. One of our recent initiatives to help jobseekers is #CareerLevelUp where we provide resources for jobseekers who are having a challenging time in 2020. This is a national level partnership with National Youth Council and My Working Title, and one of the most recently published career resource is this video.

On top of our best efforts to help jobseekers (and also build awareness for user acquisition to Wantedly platform in Singapore), we also recognise that there are many other communities in need, with many beneficiaries like charities and non-profits who need help, be it volunteering (manpower time, effort and skill), monetary donations or in-kind donations. In acknowledgement of that, it was really very meaningful that our squad took some time to help other beneficiaries as a team activity.

Food from the Heart

Taken from their website:

Food from the Heart is a non-profit organisation that feeds the needy through its food distribution programme. It was established in February 2003 after Singapore-based Austrian couple Henry and Christine Laimer read a report in The Sunday Times about bakeries discarding their unsold bread. Stirred, they then decided to channel surplus food from bakeries to those in need.

Food from the Heart started with 120 volunteers in 2003. As at the end of 2019, our volunteers multiplied to over 10,000, and together we reached 44,600 beneficiaries across Singapore.


To be the leading charity in Singapore devoted to alleviating hunger through efficient distribution of food.


To reach out to the less-fortunate and brighten their lives by alleviating hunger through a food distribution programme and bringing joy through the distribution of toys and birthday celebrations.

Our Values

As we work towards our mission, we embrace the values of professionalism, efficiency, transparency and self-sustainability.


On Friday 23rd October 2020, we collected food donations from our team and our close friends WeWork and brought it to Food from the Heart.

Community Food Pack Wish List

- Rice, 1kg or 2.5kg

- Vermicelli/bee hoon

- Biscuits, less sugar

- Malt drinks, less sugar, e.g. Milo

- Coffee or tea, less sugar

- Canned fish/meat

- Canned vegetables - especially beans, mushrooms, peas*

- Canned mock meat

- Canned soup

- Evaporated milk

- Cooking oil, 500ml or 1L

- Bread spread

As you can see below, we volunteered our "muscles" as well, with sorting the donations and packing the food packs to be donated to families and individuals that need help with their daily food security.

Food for the soul

It was a fullfilling day for all of us! Even though we may be a bit tired and had to rush back to our work, our hearts were full from knowing that we could represent Wantedly and make a small difference to needy communities by giving them food from the heart. <3