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Top 6 most effective types of photos to use for your job post

It can be tricky to choose a photograph to use in your project post on Wantedly. What are the best parts of the job to show? Should you add text, or let the photo speak for itself? To make all of this easier to understand, we looked the 103 most successful projects (based on the number of applicants received) on our Japanese site, and ranked the most common styles of photo.


#1 is… Group photos with the whole team, or with lots of people! (30 photos)

When someone comes to work at your company, the other people on their team will be a huge part of their everyday life – show off their smiles!

#2 Photos with 2~4 people in them (20 photos)

These smaller group photos were also very effective.

#3 Photos which included the company name or service name (20 photos)

These photos are good for clearly communicating what kind of company the project is for. Text needs to take up less than 30% of the space.

#4 Photos which include the company philosophy or vision (15 photos)

By including your company’s vision you can give potential candidates a good feel for the kind of place your company is. With photos of this type, you should make sure that the text is different than the title for your project, and that text takes up less than 30% of the image.

#5 Photos which feature one person (9 photos)

Show off your company’s commitment to fostering individuality!

#6 Photos which show the office or the work environment (9 photos)

If you have a great office, this could be your chance to show it off! Let candidates see where they’ll be working each day.


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