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(Team Photos) are Worth a Thousand Words

There are billions of people in the world - there HAS to be at least one right talent for your company, right? Use photos to get your company to the next level.


Photos are taking over the world - whether you like it or not.

At Wantedly, we emphasise team culture and alignment of passion when it comes to finding the right talent for any company.

One way we pursue our mission to “Create a World Where Work Drives Passion” is through team photos for every company’s projects (in other words, job opportunities) on Wantedly.

Photos showcase a visual representation of companies and can be that deciding factor when it comes to attracting the right talents in today’s hiring world with millions of online job postings. 

In fact, 51% of respondents in a 2014 Survey conducted by IndustryView noted that they were “more attracted to a company that had job postings with visual elements (images or videos) than to a company that didn’t.”

Photos Speak for Themselves

There are billions of people in the world - there HAS to be at least one right talent for your company, right?

Take into consideration the “Talent Paradox” theory (by Deloitte), which suggests that there can be a large pool of talents, who are qualified to take on a specific role in your company, but this does not necessarily mean that they are the right fit for your company.

A job is not just a job anymore. It’s all about the interactions and collaborations (or culture) amongst the people that help build a company to success, no matter what stage, size, or industry. Thus, this can be portrayed online through visuals, which can truly differentiate any company from the next.

We’ve Got a Thing for Genuine People

Words are just words. Yes, they can describe in detail what exactly your company does or offers, but they can easily be forgotten. 

Make sure your company can leave a mark on any potential talent’s memory. Photos do just that - they provide that secret ingredient that can push talents to want to learn more about why your company does what they do!

These photos don’t have to be fancy. They should simply highlight what it would be like to experience a day in the life of your office. Whether it’s taken on an iPhone or by a professional photographer, show who works in your office and how you guys collaborate, have fun, and work together to find success. 

You never know, your next potential team member may simply just click on your Wantedly project by seeing a photo of your team during a game of Avalon in your office.

Ready to show the faces behind your company? You can add photos to your company's projects on Wantedly here.

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