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Never Stop Learning As Told By Cudy

Someone invested in educating themselves and willing to learn by heart is how Cudy seeks to make a difference.


To talk about your education is to talk about your origins. A quality education paves the way to success. Striving to empower young student dreamers, Cudy aims to be an instrumental tool in the quest for excellence.

Quality education for all students

Since its inception in March 2017, Cudy was made for students by students. Just in his freshman year as a student in SMU, Co-founder Alexander Lim banded together with fellow students willing to juggle academics, running a company and the pressures of young adulthood, to realize an ambitious vision.

The young team is steadfast in staying true to their vision for Cudy - to provide students instant and direct access to quality education. The platform allows students to connect with quality teachers and conduct lessons in an online virtual classroom with their devices.

Every successful student-teacher connection confirms Cudy's value to society in making education more accessible for all through technology. For Alexander, being one step closer to realizing the team's vision makes him feel successful everyday.

Pushing through long days to build a better society

This is actually not the student-founder's first time starting a company. Alexander was previously a co-founder of Parcelby, an on-demand last mile courier service.

In defining success, Alexander emphasizes passion in creating value for society over making money. He points out that if making money is most important to one's success, there are many ways to do so without being passionate about one's work.

It is his passion for his job that gives Alexander the drive to push through long days at work, allowing him to find fulfillment in doing what he loves at Cudy. He deliberately balances team bonding and self-development by getting to know each of his team members and spending pockets of time that he has left on reading.

Growing within a start-up working culture

What started out as a two-person team eventually grew into a larger team. Cudy rises to the challenge of expanding by choosing a fun, liberal and collaborative work culture that reflects what many would see as an ideal start-up working culture.

Each member of Cudy sees introducing what they do to be as rewarding as receiving feedback for what they do. Being reminded of how Cudy betters other people's lives motivates them and propels them towards creating even better products and services.

A belief in matching passion with a growth mindset

On their path to creating breakthroughs in education, Cudy is always on the lookout for people inspired by the company's vision to grow themselves and help grow the company.

Alexander believes in finding people with the growth mindset, someone with the right attitude to always improve. Someone invested in educating themselves and willing to learn by heart how Cudy seeks to make a difference.

Do you dream of shaping the future of education? If that's your passion, you may be who Cudy is looking for. To learn more about their mission, apply for a visit to their headquarters today

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