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Fast-Growing, High Demand Tech Trends In 2018 Singapore

Calling all tech enthusiasts, who want to be at the forefront of the next big thing in the tech industry! Here's your guide to the tech hiring trends to expect this 2018.


As we settle into the new year, Singapore's tech scene continues growing at its fast pace, with some areas accelerating at a faster rate than others. Here's a short list of fast-growing areas ripe with opportunities for developers, engineers and those seeking a career in tech.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Common ways of applying AI to businesses include automation, speech-enabled apps and customizing products for consumers. 

As Marvelstone Group plans to launch the world's largest AI hub in Singapore, this year presents a promising outlook for those eager to get involved in AI projects and attracting AI talent.

Great career opportunities are in store for AI developers who can effectively communicate changes in AI and using AI to solve business problems with colleagues from non-technical backgrounds. 

As Hays Singapore states, interpersonal and soft skills will be highly prized in 2018.

Here are AI driven companies, who are looking for developers (just like you).

Internet-of-things (IoT)

By 2020, the IoT industry—along with AI and cybersecurity—is expected to employ more than 210,000 people in Singapore. AI and IoT technologies are often combined to produce more efficient services and predict rising demands. 

IoT solutions are most prominently leveraged in improving Singapore’s public healthcare system and telecommunication networks. Developers and engineers keen on contributing to plans on making Singapore IoT ready could look forward to working alongside peers with a Smart Nation vision.

Big data technologies

According to TODAY, big data/analytics skills remain the most sought-after skill worldwide. Big data uncovers crucial insights about customers that enable businesses to make better offers and address issues that customers may face.

Applying big data to cybersecurity has become increasingly relevant with the data breaches done to the Ministry of Defence, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University in 2017. 

Teamwork between engineers, information security officers and other cybersecurity professionals would be instrumental in building more robust systems to guard against future threat of hackers.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

As Apple and Google advance towards widespread adoption of AR technology, this could mean increasing opportunities for publishers and developers of AR apps.

On the VR front, Mediacorp Studios announced earlier this year its Virtual Reality (VR) Incubator Programme that encourages prototyping, meet-ups and experimentation within the VR community. 

The 12-month acceleration programme spells the growth of the VR industry and the welcoming of VR experts in Singapore. 

A larger adoption of AR and VR could open doors for developers to embark on enterprises with those in media, gaming, art and any other industry with professionals passionate about innovating new ways of seeing the world.

Here are some opportunities with companies, who need developers specialising in VR and AR. 


The rapid evolution in cryptocurrencies and ICOs in 2017 makes it impossible to overlook the growth of blockchain technologies. Simply put, blockchain allows us to transfer assets across the internet without a centralised third party.

Blockchain is not just for those in finance and the fintech space. Its application goes beyond cryptocurrencies to meet the needs of sectors such as government, healthcare, food, education, air travel, manufacturing and energy.

The versatile nature of blockchain enables blockchain developers to more easily join forces with teammates within an industry that aligns with their passions and interests.

Pique your interest? Here are some awesome opportunities with companies using blockchain.

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