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How I Hire: Kobe's Founder Evangeline Leong

Her unique approach to always putting her team first is refreshing in today’s fast-paced working cultures across multitudes of industries.


Evangeline Leong, Founder and Director of Kobe Global Technologies, places incredible trust in her team when it comes to her company. Her unique approach to always putting her team first is refreshing in today’s fast-paced working cultures across multitudes of industries.


Evangeline conquers the digital marketing landscape with her patent-pending, AI-driven platform (inspired by her experience with a Wanton Mee stand) that connects companies with social media influencers, based on quantitative data, rather than the typical qualitative approach based on number of followers or the “cool factor.”

With her digital marketing background as a business director and partner (think SEO specialization and innovation with SMEs), Evangeline takes influencer marketing to the next level by ensuring relevance and authenticity for Kobe’s clients related to strategic partnerships with influencers in today’s market.

She notes, “Reach is important, but relevance is also important. The combination of reach, relevance, and authenticity equates magic [for the success of these more targeted marketing campaigns].”

Though the Evangeline has experienced immense success so far by pursuing her passion of social media marketing with Kobe, she credits her team as being one of major factors on being able to chase this journey with her innovative platform.

Thicker Than Water

When expanding her team, Evangeline always takes into consideration 4 C’s: Chemistry, Calling, Commitment, and Capabilities. With these criteria, she has been able to create a team, who are genuinely invested in what they do everyday.

The ability for her team members to rub energy off each other is vital. When adding new team members, she always makes sure that the new person can get along with the existing team at Kobe. 

Even if a person is qualified in all other aspects, if he or she cannot get along with the existing team members, Evangeline says no because to her, the team is always #1.

Evangeline also always has long-term vision when it comes to each member of her team. She believes that not only should the person joining Kobe provide value for the company, but also that Kobe should contribute to the individual’s personal growth and long-term aspirations. 

Her approach highlights the two-way relationship a company has with employees - the company’s needs are not the only things that matter when cultivating a successful business.

Foundation for the Future

Evangeline says she is “very proud of Kobe’s culture.”

“Hiring the right person is only the first step. Trusting your team is important. Having the proper communication and ability to own your work is [essential].”

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